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Hyper Street Fighter 2++ [Arcade] – play as WW Sagat

This is a play-through using World Warrior Sagat in an alternate Arcade version of Hyper Street Fighter 2. Read on below for more information…

This is an alternative version of the Arcade game Hyper Street Fighter 2 which allows the player to select the bosses (Balrog, Vega, Sagat & M.Bison) in ‘NORMAL’ mode, which is of course the World Warrior versions of them.

In the regular version of the game, the bosses cannot be selected in ‘NORMAL’ mode (they didn’t exist in the game’s data anyway).

The creator has made a very accurate version of Sagat from The World Warrior with all his trademark hard-hitting basic moves. What is impressive is that WW Sagat didn’t exist in this game in the first place, so he literally had to create the data (such as hit properties, animation timings, etc.) from scratch using the game’s existing resources. Anyway, here is the additional information on Sagat based on my experience:

===== About HSF2++ WW Sagat =====

—- His low Tiger projectile is done via a D,DF,F + [K] command. In the SF2++, it is D,DB,B + [K]. Coincidentally (or maybe not), it was also D,DB,B + [K] in the SNES Alternate SF2:WW as well.

—- Obviously, all of his [LP], [MP], [LK], [MK] basics hit as Hard strikes.

—- He has a throw. Original SF2:WW Sagat did not have a throw.

—- His recovers slower from his Tiger projectiles than original SF2:WW Sagat.

—- His Tiger projectile sprite looks “incorrect” and a little flawed.

—- In HSF2++, his standing elbow strike is his [LP], and his standing punches are his [MP] and [HP]. In SF2++, this was the other way round.

—- In HSF2++, his jumping forward/backward knee is his [LP]/[LK], and his jumping forward/backward kick is his [MP]/[HP]/[MK]/[HK]. In SF2++, this was the other way round.

—- In HSF2++, he has a jumping straight-up knee strike, done via [LP]/[LK]. In SF2++, he did not have a knee strike for his jumping straight-up at all.

—- He has the WW portrait images on the character select screen, versus screen, winning/losing screen and continue screen.

—- In original arcade SF2:WW, CPU Sagat did not have any sound effects for his standing and crouching basics. In HSF2++, these move have sound effects. (I’ve always wondered why the original never had the sound effects?)

—- He has the WW Sagat icon under his lifebar in-fight, but the background of the icon is transparent. The reason for this may be because the original WW boss icons appeared in SF2:WW with transparent backgrounds in the first place (the icons appear on the map after you have defeated all the regular fighters remember), which means that the icon data may have been carried over in it’s original state.

—- This is version (20170619) of it.

Video transcription:


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