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How to Replace Famicom Controllers | Famicom Dojo

Famicom controllers have nice, metal faceplates, but they’re prone to scratching, discoloration, and the paint flaking off. Even if you can find a new one, how do you replace it when the controller cables disappear into the back of the system?

We show you how to open up your Famicom for this simple bit of surgery, where the cables go, and how to unplug ang plug in your new controller without damaging the Famicom’s board.

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Psst: you’ve actually seen this beat up Famicom on the show before, even if you don’t realize it:

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SeanOrange is a retro game fan from the US. Vinnk is a retro import fan who took things one step further and moved to Japan. Together they make Famicom Dojo: a web series dedicated exploring the Japanese history of video games and consoles from the other side of the Pacific.

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