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How To Play Street Fighter Like a Pro | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios

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Street Fighter 5 is just around the corner, so why not take the time until its release to become THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING MASTER you’ve always dreamed of? Learning to play Street Fighter can be an exercise is tedium, but on this week’s episode of Game/Show, we slow it all down and take a close look at some of the invisible core tenants behind playing Street Fighter (Street Fighter 4 specifically) in order to help YOU become a better player. Add in a little bit of practice and BAM! You’re on your way to becoming an EVO DOMINATING professional.


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From Masher to Master



:16 Time to win some Quarters! – Coin Pusher

:18 Street Fighter II Champion Edition – Arcade Cabinet For Sale

:22 EVO Moments 2014

:29 EVO 04 Semifinal – Daigo vs Justin Wong (Remastered)(HD)

1:05 Kunii Takezaki – 8 Ranked (Hatchi Dan) Master Teacher – Japanese     Calligraphy presentation

1:16 Capcom Cup 2013 Super Street Fighter IV AE Top 5 Pro Plays

1:31 Final Male Kumite -75kg. AGHAYEV vs BITSCH. 2015 European Karate     Championships

2:35 How to play Shogi(将棋) -Lesson#1- Introduction

2:42 GM Magnus Carlsen vs GM Rashad Babaev



“Oh Damn!” by CJVSO

“Digital Sonar” by Brink

“Mindphuck” by Known To Be Lethal

“After Hours”

“Lakes” by Chooga

“Beautiful Days” by Extan

“Spectrum Subdiffusion Mix” by Foniqz

“Good Way Song” by Electronic Rescue

“Alice y Bob” by Javier Rubio and Parsec

“Sleet” by Kubbi

“Toaster” by Kubbi

“Patriotic Songs of America” by New York Military Band and the American Quartet

“Lets Go Back To The Rock” by Outsider

“Run” by Outsider

“Fame” by Statue of Diveo

“Freedom Weekends” by Statue of Diveo


Hosted by Jamin Warren (@jaminwar)

See more on games and culture on his site:

Made by Kornhaber Brown (

Video transcription:


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