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How To Fix Kingdom Hearts PART 3

i did it


Started working on this in late December, writing and editing graphics up until the end of April, then editing since May to finish in September. This video was a 10 month project, the most amount of effort I’ve put into anything I’ve ever created. I hope you enjoy.

A big thanks to KH-Vids for a massive chunk of the cutscenes I use throughout the video, as well as clips from people like HD PLAYGROUND, Keytotruth, and Xeeynamo.

My DeviantArt Page:

If you’re interested in downloading any of the data greetings I’ve made, I’ve made a google docs folder containing all of them. Download them here:


KH3 (PC) Mods used:

Data Greeting Plus by yurilewd

Playable Vanitas by CVAxeArmor

Increased Screen Space Reflections (SSR) And More by nhod

Armored Terra, Ventus, and Aqua by Richy5

Aqua’s Rainfell by Richy5

Playable Ephemer by Iven

Starlight 4 by jagger127

0.2 Castle of Dreams (Forest) Map by Iven (currently unavailable)

Birth by Sleep Mickey by Richy5

Braig (Birth by Sleep) by Richy5

Radiant Garden Rainstorm by esuramods

Kingdom Key D by J4M3ST3R913

C-ModMenu by CriticPerfect

Armored Ventus over Sora by DaniZaya

Station of Space Complete by esuramods

Kairi Kingdom Key by NineTailedNaruto98

Un-Nort Terranort – Terra by VaultLink

Aqua Custom Poses by _zai

Data Greeting in the Keyblade Graveyard by esuramods

Keyblade Graveyard Pillar Map by Iven (currently unavailable)


Video transcription:


how to fix kingdom hearts,kingdom hearts rewrite

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