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How to breed RANGER DRAGON? – Dragon Mania Legends

How to breed RANGER DRAGON? – Dragon Mania Legends

Let me know your combo to get RANGER DRAGON
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Arya’s here again with news about upcoming events!
Jan 4-11: Bottomless Dungeon!
Explore the Dungeon and open chests for the chance to loot the Avalanche Dragon! Look out for the Relic of Farming or the Extra Den Relic in this week’s dungeon chests!
Dungeon shop: Burger Dragon
Jan 4-8: Great Dragon Race!
Complete various tasks with your Clanmates to feed your Clan Dragon and win the Great Dragon Race.
Jan 4 – Feb 1: Calendar Event!
Log in consecutively for 14 days to unlock the Cupcake Dragon!
Jan 6: Gold Frenzy!
For 24 hours you’ll have a boost to all your Gold production – so get collecting!
Jan 7-11: Piggy Bank!
Spending Gems during the Piggy Bank event will fill it with bonus Gems. By purchasing the Piggy Bank you’ll permanently smash it open and claim the Gems stored inside.
Jan 8-11: Dinnertime!
Feed your dragons with as much Food as you can. Leaderboard prize: Posh Dragon.
Jan 4-11: Dragon of the Week!
This week’s special weekly dragon is the Polar Bear Dragon, which you have a chance to breed by pairing the Sunflower and UV Dragons.

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