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How to Beat The NEW Professor Evil Challenge in BTD Battles | Week 57 part 2

0:00 intro
1:06 Challenge
5:13 First rush
6:04 Second rush
6:17 Third rush
6:32 Fourth rush
7:26 Enjoy your 500 medallions πŸ™‚

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γ€€ β”‚β–’β”‚ /β–’/
γ€€ β”‚β–’β”‚/β–’/
γ€€ β”‚β–’ /β–’/─┬─┐
γ€€ β”‚β–’β”‚β–’|β–’β”‚β–’β”‚
β”Œβ”΄β”€β”΄β”€β”-β”˜β”€β”˜ Peace!!:D
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