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How to beat Hornet Sentinel (Radiant) | Hollow Knight

A guide on how to beat Hornet Sentinel – Radiant, meaning taking no hits/no damage in Hollow Knight.
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Hollow Knight Radiant Boss Guides:


Hornet Sentinel tips
– Opening 0:16, unlike Hornet Protector you cannot get a hit in on the opening as her string acts as a barrier.
– Ground dash 0:17, pogo over (downstrike whilst jumping over), or you can also shadow dash through.
– Air Dash 0:20, the same as Ground dash, although depending on angle may be able to dash or walk out the way. Be cautious if she dashes onto the wall as her jump off can vary so be sure to be clear of the wall if this happens.
– Nail throw 0:35, you can jump in between hornet and her nail get a hit, jump out and get another. Alternatively you can jump and hover using monarch wings and get a hit in after the nail returns. The nail when thrown can also be pogo-ed if needed.
– String AOE 0:44, dash out of the way. Main issue is when trapped against a wall which is normally a run ender with only alternative is jumping up the wall, so try to keep this attack in mind during the fight to keep space to dash away.
– Triple spikes 1:19, these can either be hit away with the nail or using a shade soul. With Shaman stone the size of the Shade soul is large enough that it will normally clear all spikes in the room.
– Parry stance 1:24, avoid hitting instead get distance and wait till she attacks or use a shade soul. This attack is to keep in mind throughout the fight so not to spam nail attacks.
– Shade Soul, with Shaman stone the size of the soul is large enough it will normally do two hits on Hornet per spell due to the knockback and hitbox size so use as much as possible in this fight.

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