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Hotline Miami – Overdose [A+] – High Score: 81,825

Overdose is the second chapter in Hotline Miami, taking place in April 16th, 1989. This is a high score run (Full Combo) and it’s my best score in this level at this moment.
Mask: Don Juan
Grade: A+
Developer: Dennaton Games
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Overdose is a step up from the previous chapters and will catch out careless players.

First section: Look up north for the guy patrolling the large top room. Wait until he cannot see the door then door bash the mobster at the entrance. Execute and pick up his weapon. Simply rush the guy next to the windows. Once he’s dead, wait for the patrolling guard to reach the bottom of the room and rush him as well. The rest of the mobsters here can be killed by rushing too.
Second section: You will end up on either the east or west side of the room depending on what stairs you took in the first section. Using door bashes to take down mobsters who are alone in a room can be very effective. For mobsters that are not alone, still see if a door bash is possible but first kill the other mobster before executing the door bashed enemy. The enemies in the bottom most room can be shot through the yellow wall sections or lured out with a gunshot and killed as they walk through the door. Remaining enemies then can be shot or rushed if they are in a rush-able spot. The bottom room also contains the corpse of Earl.

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