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HELLSWEEPER VR Gameplay // A Brutal, Bloody & BRILLIANT New VR Game

HELLSWEEPER VR is the type of brutal, frantic VR roguelike / VR hack and slash game that we need more of, much like Everslaught VR it feels fresh, exciting & surprisingly similiar to a DOOM VR experience (but with far more magic & swords). If this Hellsweeper gameplay shows anything I hope it shows that PC VR is certainly not dead and there are still talented and dedicated developers making new VR games that look set to entertain and delight a huge audience of VR players. All Hellsweeper VR gameplay captured in this video was obtained whilst playing through the alpha build of the game so some animations, sounds and general VFX will no doubt change and improve as the game makes it’s way towards release. As far as VR action goes Hellsweeper VR gameplay feels tight, gratifying and above all else FUN, chaining together magical abilities like fireballs, frost blasts and telekinesis with conventional swords and environmental combat aspects made me feel like an incredible badass even in it’s early alpha state. This is a VR roguelite that should be on every VR lovers radar!

If you want to get your hands on this brtual VR game and test out exactly how it feels to be a Hellsweeper VR test participant then head over to Steam and register your interest to join the playtest, feeback to the developers & ultimately help shape the way this game will grow over the next year & beyond –

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0:00 – Intro
01:51 – Tutorial / Learning the basics
13:22 – Starting a new run
20:34 – Heading for the boss
29:37 – Outro and summary

Video transcription:


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