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Happy Nintendo Video Game Music | Upbeat and Electronic Puzzle Game Music by W.O.W Sound

Here’s a short preview of 6 upbeat, cute, and arcade music tracks for YouTube videos, games, and any other media projects!

Purchase a license for this dazzling and joyful background music pack or track(s) here:
Cute Electronic Puzzle Game Music Pack 2 ►
(You can download the watermarked version of the tracks in the pack for free with the link above)
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0:00 Ecstasy


0:30 New Eyes


1:30 Ricochet


2:21 Engines Revved


2:47 Full Throttle


3:12 Wandering Mazes

Need some upbeat and exciting electronic music for your puzzle game or arcade games? This Cute Electronic Music Pack 2 features 6 nostalgia arcade music tracks and 13 stingers and sound effects! These bright and dazzling music tracks will add joy, rainbows, and sparkles into your magical fun adventure games! If you are looking for music tracks that are upbeat, fun, light-hearted, and exciting, this is the music pack for you!

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Fantasy Background Music / Beautiful & Magical:
Casual Background Music / Cute, Happy & Upbeat:
Action Background Music / Epic, Grand, Orchestral:
Magic Sound Effects / Game UI, Stingers, and Jingles Sound Effects:



– Can I use the music in the video for free?

No, you cannot. To use this music in your video or projects, please purchase the appropriate license for it via the link above.

– Is the music content ID registered?

All our music is not content ID registered so you do not have to worry about content ID claims on YouTube.

– What does Royalty free mean?

Royalty-free means that you pay a one-time fee to gain the legal right to sync a piece of music to a project(s). Your projects may include things like commercials, video games, Youtube Videos, films, documentaries, presentations, flash websites, or instructional videos. In simpler terms, Royalty-free music is an inexpensive solution that allows you to legally add great sounding music to your multimedia works.

You can read more about our FAQ and licenses here:

Video transcription:

Happy Nintendo Video Game Music | Upbeat and Electronic Puzzle Game Music by W.O.W Sound


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