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The Entire FGTEEV Family all in one vid again! This time we are battling in SNOWFIGHT.IO, it’s a fun MMO game even though it’s not popular we still enjoyed the challenge. We take 10 or so minutes to see who will be KING by throwing the most snowballs that destroy other players! There is also a Giant Bear that chases us around so we have to watch out for him. Thumbs up for the snowball skit and hopefully the arm will grow back 😉

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FGTeeV is a Family Friendly Gaming Channel for all ages to enjoy but primarily focused to the family audience. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call here whatever but sometimes it’s Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike & Lex from Skylander Boy and Girl and their newest family addition, Shawn who participates in videos too! We play all sorts of games. Thanks for checking us out.


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Video transcription:

im on the runim on the wheckget chase by a bear its no funwho is melvin there is moomy i just hit her is her lifeshe just got trampled by a bearand i just killed you idk ha momm got skills ha who is melvin hahelping but there is roomy trampled byend Bernard sult I plunge in our large howare you like you want to play with me ohyou wanna say I no wait let's take thevideo good and what's the best receiversI've got this game today called snowfight dad I oh and since I Oh gamersyou're playing against other people forreal for real and I justice littlesnowballs at them and try to damage themand there's even a bear that goes aroundand tries to chase you to try to to tryto thwart your plans look at them go Ithink we've got some different colorsnew group of experienced and what kindof jackets you want to be but thenthere's also this little penguin somepug dog a nyan cat Donald Trump Iunicorn and Vladimir Putin wit let's goa Donald Trump see what that looks likeclay let's see guys look like DonaldTrump over central just moving aroundhere look at this guy I just fell holddown my left mouse click and then when Ihold it down long enough I can create ablock to try to give myself a barriersome peace can't do that and I can hidebehind it but look at this boom Camposambushed emma home I turned into asnowman and I get it candy what's thisguy I'm gonna get him only get him oh nooh oh oh no there's a bear she's meetinga poor little guy no I will save you I'drather die my snowman there we go do Iturn them into a snowman I got all thesweets now the Bears after me an epic onhow my way to a senior needs a rivercollege if there's something about don'teat the yellow snow but I haven't seenany yellow snow get it good oh oh thegrizzle bear the bear get him get himhaha oh oh what oh yes the Bears hackedsomebody else I like to block boom can'tget me with my block he trying to strikemy flock you doyou get this guy come on Dumbo oh I wasI like Dumbo that's how you played thegame you just want to get a high scoremy score was 398 killed four hit people42 times gone level for the live for 90seconds position three now let's have alittle challenge show are you crankyyou're not going to play with us oh noit's not wasn't threatening you it justlooked like you're tired you're Bubba haha ha ha hey my wife no brother for youOh what's up FG table we're all here ittakes yes my haha Connie hi Mike it waslying no I I oh no play style yeah rightwhatever oh yes I've already showed youguys out to play now we're just going toget straight into playing a mic iscurrently good training up a man whoreand I am going luckily when you're theking not so luckily for yourself I cansee where you are you are right thereand now you are a panda fair aw ok nowwhy oh there's mommy look at her Ohmommy you're a better way see they knowwhy likely unknown we are going to playfri don't know ten minutes I lost mycrew is here we are going to see whoends up829 computer right now so when it'sapril nine I all see you with the winneryeah we're all in this same oh no theresLexi no she can't kill the king shecan't kill the king he cannot me thebear killed you yeah like oh no I didn'tsee mommy no oh yeah oh no there's abear don't hit the bear or he will findme forever oh no I didn't hit you bearbear bear don't hit me hit mommy prettypretty pretty please there is might goafter him thank you hello mommy I knowwhy I'm a king I'm the king mommy's justconfused she should be queen no mummiesand defeated oh thank you tastejohnsonkandee I'm upping so far mostMelvin and spitting why are they theresorry Melvin I'm going after the merightah thank you x dot DS whoa oh oh I gotit I'm going to do this much here's mywatermelon my favorite here's my operaguys different a whole five choose yourhonor to my greatness no I'm not levelsix I mean even be snowball stop tryingto hurt me see any means it's knowbossing the best tasting right seriouscome and get me always eating lambcoming at me bear I've gotta get one ohno I wasn't paying attention in my icedtea oh and so Kane doesn't matter ha allguys you still have seven minutes on theclock odo 67 wait I don't know how totell time yeah you're getting killed bythe dad I'm on the run up on therendered safe I there is no fun who ismelted there is movie I bet meaneverything he got trampled by a manmommy just you who is helping but thereis roomy trampled by your fan Oh bullvelvet I die the more you keep sweet meit makes me in real life the mostimportant meeting me how are you playingwith the bear yeah I'm coming did youget the Queen get the Queen gets a goodday yeah i'm just going to get spinright here hello Hayden who adoptedchildgood thing my king what dog hey no no Iam we're dealing no mommy how do youalways keep being the king 01 oh yeahlet me get that super super hit I've gotthe super click we are your cliq you'reall against smell Melvin I nobody's gotchanges in your face you are stinky withend:?got it for you don't worry mom no I'mgonna do filme a judgment yeah mommy'smad cream coffee say cute mommy's acringe compilation and chases a deadlittle no man how I'm a king and theking and the king he came to my trainchased by a bear wow yeah and now you'redoing and I got your I got your crownjewel who's Stephanie I'll call herStephanie movie no I did do it from thatdo is mess yes Wow everyone get moneyshe's in the bottom left-hand cornerokay guys come on noyo mommy just became king I see you seewhat this was ice your papa I'll be apasta now sorry about that guys there'sonly like three more minutes left on theclock we can't like mommy wins oh that'smy candy oh oh that's my dog I makingevery the board Jason please resumedon't you trust that Stephanie don't youyeah you know better yeah what got arubber ducky I'm a snow toddler stainsin your my loyal subjects engine I'mbuilding a world oh oh oh oh my yes andget like oh I'm going to take littlebunny foo foo what is this is this somesort of all look at my health bar goingback haha guys at eight thirty seven Pymyou know what that no I'm no matchagainst the moon's do we have so farbecause I'm already you didn't see myface I didn't even know what that's whatthat power does I thought it was like ashield cool yellow don't in you everyday I'm gonna get Mike hahahaha I figsact like wow take that Michael I'm justgoing to build my low for it right theremommy can't even get me because I got myauto pick up my fork I was saving thatfor later did your name your price forlater yes that's why my stomach maturitycuz I was holding that for din okay ijust got Stephanie Oh take your childrenit's fine I'm a winter flower flowery'all are all dead now now look I cansuck an egg Mike left a little forbehind thank you Mike I will resumecontrol of this out Kingdom no oh no ohno boom oh wait until you oh wait waitwait oh ok small snowballs is where it'sat yesI know I am mad annoyed hey guys I'mwhat was that a Joe it's an elephantguys I just ate an elephant hey guysokay very nice yes you know what thatmeans unless you guys are all it likezero way Lex isn't even in the worldyeah oh my goodness I destroyed Lexi sobad she fell out the world guys that isit for this video it looks I think Ichose most people no way to come Wow themost Oh mummy open your dream you justgot eyes with snow in your face thankyou guys so much for watching that is itI'm just gonna go smack this bear arounda tiny bit I'm just going to see whathappens when a bear trying to eat me alook at that kills I have 52 kills 391is my time alive was 236 second look atbear kankakee not to bury me eat me eatme yeah i relinquish my crown I wantedthe bear to eat me you have to just letthe what's it called the cycle of thelife bears in life bears are yet acircle of life bears are higher up onthe food chain in humans go ahead eat meI don't want to be king anymore it's toomuch right now Mike the kickergratulations son my oldest son is nowking of the kingdom safe a kingdom yeahyeah oh haha Mike right here wow that'show much you don't do STD videos anymorehe didn't go for watching people theystarted a bus Ohlife is my heart love see by Judas guygo ahead cry he's gone make this a songgoodbye goodbye you ain't gosh I didn'tknow that you can get other people'sgood oh this is like you guys I'm justkidding


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