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Gargoyle’s Quest II: The Demon Darkness – NES Emulator For PSX (pNesX) – Gameplay

Gargoyle’s Quest II: The Demon Darkness is 1992 an action-adventure game released on the NES by Capcom. It is the prequel to Gargoyle’s Quest (part of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins franchise) and features a similar gameplay style, which combines adventure elements with side-scrolling action in a macabre fantasy setting.
The Demon Darkness utilizes a password system and is broken into two sections: Traversing the Ghoul Realm via an overhead map view, and side-scrolling action areas, that take place in dungeons, across giant pits, and more.
The action portions of the gameplay are nearly identical, in a broad sense, to the previous Gargoyle’s Quest game. The main difference between these parts and the original Gargoyle’s Quest’s action platforming segments is the addition of the Magic Tornado power-up, which allows Firebrand, the playable character, to raise himself into the air in vertical directions by standing on temporary platforms. Like is the previous game, Firebrand gets around with the added help of his wings which let him glide horizontally in mid-air.[4] Firebrand can shoot “magic weapon” projectiles as a mean of attack or self-defense at any given moment.[5] One of the staple abilities of Firebrand is his power to cling to walls for climbing up vertical cliffs,[5] grabbing on to the sides of moving objects, and slower descending. Firebrand is notably slower than most video game characters of his kind, often leading to a necessary confrontation with each foe. Occasionally, Firebrand is blocked by foes that have significantly more health than regular ones and must defeat them in confined rooms to advance.

(C) 1993 Capcom Co, Ltd.

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