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Game Boy Longplay [157] Tetris

Played by: Spikestuff

Tetris for the Gameboy was released in 1989 for Japan and America, it was released in 1990 for Europeans.

This completes Tetris A (Normal Tetris)
With a max score of 999999 with 500 lines completed.

Then we continue on to Tetris B (Challenge Mode)
Each height completed on level 9

I decided to play each theme individually to give off the nolstalgia.

After The little break I redo Tetris B… on heart mode (Challenge Mode +)
The reason I didn’t do Tetris A on heart mode, is because it would just make the whole thing longer and well repeating what I already did.

I completed Tetris A on 500 instead of max as it would take much longer and it is also pointless as max score is completed.
Tetris B has a reference that was choosen from the Longplays IRC “Neptune does what you all don’t” it comes from the game Hyperdimension Neptunia… you can blame Nepnao if you hate it. XD
The second reference during Tetris B heart mode also comes from the Longplays IRC “BlueMaxima throws Nepnao off a bridge” so thank BlueMaxima for getting rid of Nepnao.

Time Table:
0:18 – Tetris A
25:45 – Tetris B
38:52 – Intermition (Playing the music type themes)
40:52 – Tetris B Heart Mode

Video transcription:


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