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Galaga Assault Arcade Ticket Redemption Game At Dave & Buster’s: Gameplay Video With 4 Kids

Galaga Assault Arcade Ticket Redemption Game At Dave & Buster’s. Well, to be completely candid with ya, not sure what to make of this one. The Maestro used to play the original one back in the 1980’s and loved it. Very fair for how far you could go and gameplay action you can get out of a single quarter once you are worth your salt. This newly released Galaga Assault Ticket Redemption Arcade Game is “All Hat And No Cattle!” Sure. Sure. The graphics and colors are beautiful and the celebration great for the 200 tickets win level, but let’s be honest. The game has like 2 levels in total. This game is actually pretty dog gone easy to win that 200 tickets. So yeah, when we want to win fast tickets, sure we will go ahead and recommend this game. However, for actual gameplay, The Maestro says the original Galaga Arcade Game is magnitudes better than this one. You could play for so long with so many different levels that became increasingly HARD to navigate through. I know know. This one pays out “tickets”. Woopie. We care more about GAMEPLAY over tickets won any day of the week! As far as The Maestro is concerned, this arcade game not only missed the mark of capturing one of the most nostalgic games ever created, but it is pretty heavy duty thumbs down altogether.

Galaga Assault Arcade Ticket Redemption Game

Doc: “Recommended Game”
E.L.: “Recommended Game”
Piper: “Too early to say”
Rocky: “Too early to say”
The Maestro: “Not Recommended”
M&M: “Too early to say”

Dave & Buster’s Ticket Arcade & Restaurant
“2016 HIGHLY Recommended AWARD By All Of Us”

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