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Full History of Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation 1 // Game Nerd Legacy Documentary

Rewind time to a in depth look at the making and creation of Crash Bandicoot. Tracing his history across Sony’s first gaming console the PlayStation 1 and all the drama that entailed. Enjoy!
References are below!

00:00 Intro
01:09 Ch. 1 Birth of Naughty Dog
08:50 Ch 2 Crash is the way
13:09 Ch 3 Sonic’s Ass
27:21 Ch 4 Bandicoot Country
39:28 Ch 5 Crash Unveiled
45:47 Ch 6 The Anti-Mascot
56:58 Ch 7 Crash 2
1:05:33 Ch 8 Crash 3
1:14:30 Ch 9 CTR
1:21:46 Ch 10 Crash Bash
1:24:11 Closing
Written, Narrated, and Edited by Kev Lasser

Voice Cast
Melissa Bayer … Charlotte Francis
Renato Biribin … Andy Gavin, Charles Zembillas
Devon Coull … Joe Pearson
Weetus Cren … Dave Baggett
Eric Keitel … Dave Siller, Phil Harrison
Matt Lohr … Taylor Kurosaki
Eric Mark … Jason Rubin, Josh Mancell
Katie Massey … Amy Blaire
Daniel Miller … Craig Anthony Perkins
Ben Wu … Dan Kollmorgan

This video is a journalistic, educational, and historical documentation bordering on satirical parody.
All sources, quotes and media have been taken from public record. References are below! Significant care has been taken to censor names, faces, specific locations, records, and personal information of those featured to protect their privacy.

This video meets the criteria of legal Fair use and those of YouTube’s guidelines. No citation herein constitutes infringement under The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Names of individuals mentioned in this video meet the criteria of public figures. Still, is care taken to keep any other information about these individuals private. No part of this video is intended to demean or disparage any one or company mentioned within.


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Websites and videos:

Making Crash Bandicoot – part 1,_1996_build

DVD and Broadcast:
G4 Icons Naughty Dog S2 ep. 16 Air date: Sept 25th, 2003
PlayStation Underground Issue 2.3, Disc 1
PlayStation Underground Issue 2.4, Disc 1
PlayStation Underground Issue 3.2, Disc 1
PlayStation Underground Issue 3.4, Disc 1
PlayStation Underground Issue 4, Disc 1

Video transcription:


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