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Final Cut 6: Fade To Black CE [02] w/YourGibs – Part 2 #YourGibsLive #HOPA

Final Cut: Fade to Black CE let’s play walkthrough gameplay
// Part 2, LIVE STREAM (
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Developer: Eipix Entertainment
Let’s Play Final Cut 6: Fade to Black Collector’s Edition with YourGibs walkthrough commentary


STORY: Bernard, your old friend, calls you desperately fearing for his life. Being the reliant detective you are, you quickly arrive on the scene – only to find him murdered. You soon discover that he was on the trail of a huge ordeal which is a whirlpool of deceits, secret technologies, rivalry, and, of course, death. A secret and deadly device has resurfaced after years of isolation, and someone will do anything to make sure it falls into their hands. Can you recover the device and avenge Bernard’s death before all fades to black?

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