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FIFA 19 – How to FIX (Black Screen, Crash and more)

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FIFA 19 How to FIX – this is the title of today’s video. For three days we can play the FIFA 19 demo. After downloading, we came across problems. In this video, we’ll try to show you how these problems can be solved. In a way that we show we can solve such problems as:
-Black Screen
-Switching Off game
-Not launch
-Dual Core

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FIFA 19 Demo:

Extreme Injector v3.7.3:
Extreme Injector v3.7.3: [Google Drive]
If previous links do not work: [Extreme Injector MediaFire]

FIX Grass:

Definitive solution to play modded FIFA 19 in Windows 10:
Files to definitive solution FIFA 19 in Windows 10:
Remote DLL Injector:
FIFA19 WIN10 DLL PACK: [Extract archive and then Copy the two dll files in your main game folder (If present delete the bcrypt.dll – isn’t required this time)]
Website Remote DLL Injector: [see if you have doubts about the virus]

Solution is working in 19 demo and full version and any EA game in Windows 10. All this means to finally play the game with modded initfs_Win32. Tested and perfectly working in a little Asus Transformer Book with Windows 10 up to date.
This solution will be very useful in the future to run game with Frosty Mods installed.

Video transcription:

Hi everybody welcome to you all Sasha here.Download Extreme Injector.Open Extreme Injector.Move 3 files from the Extreme Injector archive to the default location with FIFA game.Open Extreme Injector.In "Process Name", enter FIFA19_demo.exeClick "Add file".Choose Dualcore and EasyHook64.Open FIFA 19.These are our minimal game settings.In Extreme Injector, click "Inject".New people are invited to subscribe to the


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