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Here is how to level up tiers much faster in Cold War in order to complete the season 1 battle pass quickly! You will tier up incredibly fast in Cold War season 1 with these simple tips. And you can also use these tips to unlock the new “MAC-10” and “GROZA” Season 1 DLC weapons from the battle pass in Cold War. I am also giving away some COD points which you can be in with a chance of winning by checking the rules in this description

►Bloodthirsty medal guide in Cold War! :
►Easy Gold Assault rifle guide in Black Ops Cold War! :
►Easy longshot guide in Black Ops Cold War! :
►Level Up Weapons Fast in Black Ops Cold War! :
►Easy Headshots guide in Black Ops Cold War :
►Black Ops Cold War Gold/Diamond/Dark Matter playlist :
►Black Ops Cold War Tips & Tricks :

►How to easily complete warzone contracts :
►How to easily complete supply run contract :
►Modern Warfare Gold/Damascus playlist :
►Modern Warfare Best Class Setup Playlist :
►Modern Warfare Tips & Tricks :

**COD Points Giveaway competition: In order to enter the competition to be in with a chance of winning some COD points towards the season 1 battle pass you must complete the 4 following simple tasks:
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All details regarding the giveaway will be circulated via twitter so make sure you are following me on there! 😉 **

-Introduction 0:00
-Giveaway competition details 0:12
-Video outline 1:00
-Main ways to tier up fast 1:07
-Cold War / Warzone integration… XP 1:30
-Cold War MP tips 2:10
-Cold War zombies tips 7:46
-Warzone tips 9:51
-Modern Warfare tips 12:12
-Get the most out of S6 Battle pass 13:15
-Best Modes overall 15:10
-Summary 16:34

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