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Far Cry 6 Gameplay – 9 Cool Details About Stealth

Far Cry 6 gameplay has always been about both action and stealth, but in this video, I look at 9 cool details when it comes to being stealthy. Whether you’re using the Macarena gun or Chorizo the fearsome sausage dog, I look at all the ways to use stealth in Far Cry 6.

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Let’s be honest. Far Cry is first and foremost an action series. Yet somehow, stealth – the act of making as little noise as possible – remains one of the most rewarding ways to play a Far Cry game. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in Far Cry 6. In fact, Far Cry 6 might give sneaky players more ways than ever to take a covert approach. And with that in mind, I hope you’ll join me as I look at 9 stealth mechanics you’ll be able to use in the beautiful, tropical, and war-torn world of Far Cry 6.

Equipment can improve your stealth tactics
We know Far Cry 6 will allow you to equip gear to the head, chest, hands, legs, and feet of Dani, the game’s main protagonist. Not only that, but some gear will provide certain gameplay perks. Now some of these perks will likely be handy for action oriented players, but according to an article on, the developers have talked about instances where pieces of gear will apparently enhance stealth gameplay as well. “Using a marksman’s goggles would improve headshot damage while vests, pants, and shoes enhanced Dani’s stealth and mobility, and a special type of gloves would ensure throwing knives won’t miss.” Of course, that’s just the gear you can wear. In that same Wccftech article, it was revealed the game will feature 49 different weapons and that “these can be customized, too, through attachments like scopes, silencers, and laser pointers.” Now, this being a Far Cry game, there will no doubt be plenty of gear, weapons and mods that will enhance the experience for players who want to incite chaos rather than stay hidden, but it’s nice to see Ubisoft Toronto hasn’t forgotten about the stealthy side of Guerrilla warfare.

You’ll probably go undercover
I might be wandering into speculative territory here because Ubisoft hasn’t explicitly said that certain missions in Far Cry 6 will require you to go undercover. However, I do think it’s a safe bet for several reasons. Most notable is this clip from the official gameplay reveal where Dani is apparently sneaking into or out of what I’m guessing is a Yaran government facility. She says she’s transporting Christmas Trees, which apparently people pay good money for on Yara, but that’s obviously a ruse. Here we see that Dani was instead secretly sneaking some supplies – probably weapons and ammo – out of a Yaran base and into a Libertad encampment.

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