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EVE Online: No Game for Solo Player?

Is there a place for solo gameplay in EVE Online or is it bad for an MMO? Weigh in with your comments.
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I am a big proponent of solo gameplay in MMOs. EVE Online lone wolf playstyle is one of the toughest ways to play the game. Does EVE Online solo pve content disconnect the players from the broader community or is it a viable way to play in a multiplayer sandbox? The Triglavian sites and Abyssal deadspace mark the very first time a player in EVE can be completely isolated from everyone else for the duration of the site. Is this content bad for EVE Online overall? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

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EVE Online is a player-driven sandbox MMO run in a single-shard universe populated with 7800 star systems. Players are free to set their own goals within the game, engaging in a multitude of activities including combat, exploration, trade, mining, manufacturing and other emergent gameplay. The world of EVE Online is constantly changing, with each player having the power to affect the game’s universe.

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