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Escape from 100 Secret Doors

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There are numerous doors and rooms in this adventure escape game. 100 doors refer to the unlimited hard puzzle games in each level. This kind of hard puzzle games like escape from the room often tends to clear the mind of the hard puzzle games lover gamers. There are many other escaping games but this kind of escaping games are by far the best memory refreshers.

This is a real deal adventure escape game. So can you escape!!

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How to play 100 doors hard puzzle games?

In these kind of hard puzzle games, as the word says 100 doors, the adventure escape loving gamer is given a 100 doors puzzle in which there are doors and rooms and the gamer need to escape the room one after the other until the last room escape. Escape from the room, escaping jail, escaping the prison are the main objective of these escaping games.

So the talent of the hard puzzle games expert is always challenged with the question that can you escape these kind of hard puzzle games or not. Whether it is a question of escape the room, escaping the prison or escaping jail, there is always a mystery behind these escape from the room type games.

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• You have to find anything that is available as a tool or a route to be able to escape from the room.
• Room escape is only possible by unlocking the doors.
• Thus you need to bring your skills into act in order to escape the room.

So, can you escape?

Mean features of escape the room:

• It is a room escape game with hard puzzle with amazing thriller experiences.
• These kind of escaping games always improve the problem solving skills.
• It has an amazing graphics with great rhythmic SFX in menu and gameplay.
• Each level is more difficult, unique and interesting from the previous level making it absolutely best suitable
for hard-core puzzle solving gamers.
• Download it now and play for free!!

Prove you are an escaping champion!!

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