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Eriol Card Captor Sakura Card Hunter 2 Sound Effects HD

Download the sound by copying the URL and paste here-
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► How do I download this sound effect?

Subscribe to the channel (optional ) then copy the URL from the search bar at the top of the page and then head over to and paste in the URL. Click convert video and then download. Enjoy these Sound effects!

► I want a certain sound from the character “X” but it’s not in this video. Is there a way to search for it on your channel?

I get this one the most. “I’m on your Goku punching Vegeta video but I want the kick sound”. The way you can effectively search this is by copying (or going to) this URL:
and then after the “=” at the end of it, input your search. So in this case, you input Goku after the = and search for the Goku Kick or w/e
Hope this helps!

► You have multiple sound effects in the same video/mp3, is there a way to extract one particular sound easily?

Yes – very simple too! You just need to download Audacity (free software)and follow this quick 3min video explaining exactly how to do this –

► You uploaded thousands of sound effects on both your channels, how can I support your expenses?

You really don’t have to however if you got a couple coins you want to throw me for making these sound FX more “accessible” to you or something, then you can buy me a $3 cup of coffee right here –

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► Can I use these for anything and do I need to credit you or something?

These are COMPLETELY royalty free under attribution 3.0 (from the game’s developers) and you don’t need to do anything. Use them for whatever you want or need!

► Can I use these sound effects in my videos?

Yes. You can use these sound effects in your videos without infringing copyright.
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Video transcription:


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