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Ep19 NEW HERO UNLOCKED Shadow Fighter Android Gameplay

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About this game: Shadow Fighter is an excellent action game. Excellent fighting games for the shadow.

The world is peaceful, people’s lives are happy, but there are always threats hidden by the evil, dark forces with the plot to sabotage, to destroy peaceful life. These are the forces of darkness, they are zombies, monsters, the dark dragon … With the conspiracy to dominate the world of peace, they always find ways to destroy life and peace in the world. You are a shadow warrior, a hero with an unbeatable force, and your task is to fight against the dark forces to protect the world’s peace.

In the game you will be like a shadow warrior, you will be united and you will experience the really fierce battle. You will represent the righteous to fight against enemies, monsters, zombies. Prevent the forces of evil, monsters, zombies invading the earth and the land of the people

What will you do to fight the forces of evil? a lot of weapons to support you, such as knight, hammer, archery. In addition, there are plenty of pets to support you in the battle, will accompany you and help you as assistant

With Shadow Fighter, a lot of characters for your choice, you will be a super heroes fighting for peace. There are many levels and experiences that give you many levels of difficulty with battles, levels of difficulty

In Shadow Fighter there are also many monsters, zombies, dark dragon to fight them.

Shadow Fighter, you can also collect a lot of gold, diamonds to refresh your power and destroy all enemies. In addition, the shadow wars also have weapons, special attacks with great destruction to destroy the beast, faster zombies in each battle

After every 5 levels there is a boss of a great monster to destroy this enemy, you need to be smart, clever … This fight will give a sense of fun and feelings are wonderful

* Features of shadow Fighter
– Characters: hero, shadow warrior, warrior super shadow
– levels: normal, hard, very …
– beautiful graphics
– Beautiful effects
– Stronger weapons to attack zombies, monsters, devils
– Daily search
– Shop

– Stones giant: Attack with enemies
– Dryad: Shoot the arrow to destroy enemies
– Specical: Recover the heath character

* Control the fight in the shade:
– Running
– Jumping
– Slashing Bar
– More Special Attacks

– Multiplayer
– More maps and areas continue to be updated

Shadow Fighter is a great game, an excellent fighting game for you to have fun and relax
You can play this game anytime and everywhere with full gaming experience. Prepare yourself to be the best player in this Shadow Fighter game!

Let’s download the shadow fight and share your friends right now!

Ep19 NEW HERO UNLOCKED Shadow Fighter Android Gameplay #gfygames

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