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About my channel:
I upload cute videos of squishies, character bento box, DIY, glue gun craft, polymer clay, and more! I love cute things and I hope you like my videos.
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Video transcription:

Hi everyone, this is Mini!Per the request of many, I visited Game Arcade "Everyday Gyoda"!I wanna get a lot of squishies!Let's get started!Take a look!Bread loaf-shaped Sumikkogurashi squishies!My favorite things all combine into one!I need to get it!First try, let's go!It's been awhile since I last played this gameLet's see how she does…It moved a littleOnto my second try!I think it's looking good!Looking good, looking good!Got the Ebi Fry tail!I want to get that kitty squishy!I want to get that kitty squishy!
*This one**First try*I think it's looking good!So close!*Second try*No good at all*Third try**Fourth try*
(I got this…)Got my second one!*Looking for the next squishy*Some crazy machine right here!I really want to get this one!*First try*I should either go all the way to the back to scoopOr aim for the one closestI'm going to aim for those two in the front*Second try*Tada!Got this Winnie the Pooh squishy!*First try*I can do this I can do this!*Second try**Shoot, it went over there!*The arm can't reach there…Since the arm couldn't reachI ask the shop staff to move it back!*Third try**Fourth try**Fifth try*Got a Minion squishy!I'm back home!I'd like to show you the squishies close up!Here's the first squishy!Tada!Sumikko Gurashi Chigiri Pan squishy!Wow!Super slow-rising, super soft!I got this on my third or fourth try ($3-$4)Still a good dealI didn't expect this to be this slow-rising and softThis is excellent!That was the first one!The next squishy is this one!Disney Tsum-tsum Winnie the Pooh squishy!Looks like thisCute!Going to touch itIt's pretty firmThis is one of those solid and firm squishiesNot completely fast-risingBut it's a semi-fast-rising squishyLast is this one!TadaIt has a firm structureThe details of it are well-recreatedPretty surprisedLet me see…I see, this one is…Pretty fast-risingIn comparisonThis lean towards more ot the slow-rising sideThis one's completely fast-risingA Minion squishy usually cost over $10I managed to get this for about $5 I think?So it's a good dealCrane games are cheap!These aren't the only squishies I gotI got even more at the game arcadeI'd like to show you them in another video!Please watch!Thanks for watching!I'll see you in my next video!Bye-bye!


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