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Dying Light 2 Stay Human — Dying 2 Know: Episode 3 Gamescom Edition

Join our lead game designer Tymon Smektała in a special Gamescom episode of Dying 2 Know!
You will learn more about parkour, combat, and some tools of destruction that will help you in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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0:00 Intro
1:29 Parkour
4:33 Melee combat
7:54 TechlandGG: new reward
8:39 Gameplay trailer
11:08 Tools of destruction
14:23 UGC contest update
15:06 Combat environment
18:05 Summary
18:29 Dying Light Nintendo Switch
19:17 Pre-order now!
19:28 Outro

About the game:
Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus—and lost. Now, we’re losing again. The City, one of the last large human settlements, is torn by conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages. And yet, we still have hope.
You are a wanderer with the power to change the fate of The City. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. Haunted by memories you cannot decipher, you set out to learn the truth… and find yourself in a combat zone. Hone your skills, as to defeat your enemies and make allies, you’ll need both fists and wits. Unravel the dark secrets behind the wielders of power, choose sides and decide your destiny. But wherever your actions take you, there’s one thing you can never forget—stay human.

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Video transcription:

Hi everyone!
My name is Tymon Smektałaand I'm the Lead Game
Designer at Techland.Welcome to the gamescom edition
of Dying 2 Know.You can watch the previous episodes
of the show on our YouTube channel.They reveal many details about the game
and showcase unique gameplay videos.So if you still haven't seen them
you know what to do.Last time, we showed you the monsters,our special infected enemies,
so today,let's talk about how to fight them.And not only them, but also the other
big threats you will encounterin the world of Dying Light 2,which are us.Humans.Unfortunately, humans tend to be the mostcruel and brutal species out there,especially during an apocalypse.Before we talk about fighting,
let's start with the basics.How do you move around The City?If you watched our previous episodes,you know that a large portion
of The City's populationhas changed into monsters
roaming the streets.That's why it is extremely difficult
to move around.Unless…you can run, climb, roll,
swing, and jumpas the best option to explore
the world of Dying Light 2 isparkour.Let's talk about it with my first guest,Kacper Kowalczuk –
Senior Game Programmer.Kacper, you are in a team
directly responsiblefor creating parkour movement
in Dying Light 2,so what can you tell
the gamescom viewers about it?Well, we're really excited for the players
to see what we've prepared for them.They will finally feel this
amazing freedom of movementin a city built to support parkour
from the ground up.Even the highest building is not
an obstacle anymore,but a parkour tool
to help you get higher.Even those familiar with Dying Light 1
will be pleasantly surprisedbecause we took all that we learned
from parkour in DL1and built everything from scratch.It's a more challenging way
than to simply upgrade it,but it's more rewarding as well.Okay, but from my perspective,and I think your perspective as well,creating realistic movement in
an FPP game isvery, very difficult,and we have spent a lot of time
and resources to make it physicaland exciting at the same time. So,how do you feel about it, Kacper?We really wanted to improve players'
perception of their avatar's bodyand of what happens to it during parkour.The animators had their hands fullbut it definitely makes
you feel like a real…<i>traceur,</i>which is a person who
professionally does parkour.It's all thanks to dozens, or even
hundreds of new animations.It's especially visible with ropes,
pipelines, monkey bars, etc.With the increased number of animations,players can almost physically feeleach movement while
climbing the buildings.It gives them a
realistic parkour experienceand is also surprisingly
simple to master,even for beginners.The City allows players to traverse it
effectively as soon as they get there,and their mobility increases more
as they learn new skills.There comes a time when players start
noticing synergies between movements,and that's when the real fun begins.You'll literally feel like flowing
through the environment.They also find out that The City itselfhelps them with parkouring,and what might've seemed
an obstacle at the beginningbecomes an asset once they
learn how to use it.Okay, but parkour can be more than
just a way to traverse The City.In Dying Light 2, it's quite handy
in combat too.Yes, for example –I could stun my opponent
with a powerful blow,then use elements of parkour to rebound
from him and kick another one.He's also stunned now,
so I can rebound from him too.By combing parkour and combat,a skillful player can wreak havoc
on both humans and the infectedwithout even touching the ground.Well that sounds amazing.So Kacper,
thank you for joining us,and thank you for explaining to us how
the game's parkour system works.And I believe you, the same as I,just can't wait for people to
see it in action themselves.- Definitely.
– So thank you once again.Take care!So let's talk moreabout how you can use parkour
not only for traversal,but also for combat.And speaking of combat,my next guest isMatt Courtois –
Lead Technical Gameplay Animator.- Matt, <i>ça va?</i>
– <i>Ça va, merci.</i>Thanks for joining us.I would like to start
with something that wasquite difficult for us,
if you remember,at the very beginning of the project –how to present melee combat
in first-person perspective.Oh, I remember.You actually just said –creating satisfying melee combat
from a first-person perspective,that's a real challenge.That's why we spent many,many weeks iterating it,improving it,until we got the right feeling.We feel we have created something specialand we're very excited to discover
how players will react to it.So what do you think
will excite them the most?I guess, you know,We've worked very hard
for our combat to be visceral.So we created many exciting
and immersive elements,such as what we call
"progressive hit-reactions."So it's basicallyconsecutive hits on enemies
will enhance their reactions.They will react differentlybased on the weapon category
you're using,based on the body parts
you're targeting,so you can stun them,you can trip them over,you can cut off their limbs,which might sound pretty terrible—But it's also cool, right?And it's also very useful, and,
you know, gory.The direction of your swings also matters,
and so does your positionrelative to theirs.We worked also with professional stuntmento record more special, more spectacular
hit-reactions.That was mostly for parkour combat,but also, generally speaking,
to highlight players' powerand to convey as much…as much satisfaction as possible.And I think it's safe to say that
immersion is very importantin the world of Dying Light 2.It's post-apocalypse, so it's very brutal
and very demanding,so to survive, you really need
to step up your game. So,I don't know, maybe you have some
tips for the players?Maybe you think there is something
they should focus on?My best advice would be tobe creativein combat.So like you just mentioned
with Kacper,In Dying Light 2,parkour and combat are very connected.They're even intertwined, right,
allowing players tocombine one with the othervery easily,very smoothly. So technically,you can use the environment
in combat, of course,as in kicking an enemy
right after a wall run,or,even and,you can use the enemy
to get somewhere you like.So you would just vault over them,trigger a double jump to get higher,maybe somewhere you
had trouble reaching before,but if you want you can also just
land back down,trigger a very powerful attack.It's completely up to you.Your options are almost endless, and
that's what we call"creative combat."And to me, that would be
the best weapon.Okay, so,that's an awesome hint,and thank you for that,
and thank you for sharingall of the details,and thank you for joining us.We have used over
3,000 animations of jumps,grips, and other parkour moves
to create a few-dozen skillsthat can be mixed and combined.So every player can find her or his own
way to survive in The City.In a minute, you will see that in our
new gameplay trailer.But first…Today on,we have another gift for you,for those who are already exploring the
Dying Light universe in the first game,we have a unique item –the "Brilliant Hammer,"a weapon from Dying Light 2
which you can use in Dying Light 1.Go to Techland GG and grab it.And if you don't feel like fighting
right now, you can get some freeposters, wallpapers,or even Aiden's special outfit.As you can see, it's worth visiting, butnot at this very moment, because nowit's time to watch our
new gameplay trailer.Here it is!Sometimes I wonder what this city
looked like before all this.Probably… like many others.People had their ambitions. Plans. Lives.Now it's all gone.The virus started it.But it was the people
who made the world the way it is.This city… Villedor.They tell me they had a vision.
They had hope.But soon, one vision
broke into many different ones.Instead of fighting together,
people stood against each other.War broke out.Was it a little bird? Mit a broken leg.Hope died.Now the city is falling.Each time we strike down an enemy,we absorb their strength.But I can't let that happen.At least, not yet.I need the secrets this city holds.Oh fuck.Hey! There's still some rats here.I have to pick a side.The Bazaar needs good people.You're doing great so far.I have to make a difference.Hehe… let's check and see.Help! Help! Help!No… No! No! NO!They'd say that a great change
is a series of small gestures.How about this series…Is all hope really gone?We'll see about that.The trailer presented quite
a few new tools of destructionthat you will soon get to usein Dying Light 2.So now, let's talk with the people
that are actually making them.- Marek Musiał, Lead 3D Weapon Artist,
– Hi!and Szymon Strauss,
the Producer of the weapons team.Hello!The first question, maybe to Marek, is…Marek, can you explain how we as a team
have approached the processof creating the weapons of Dying Light 2?Yes. We wanted the weapons
to be credible.It's been a long time since the apocalypseand everything of valuehas already been looted.There aren't any stores
to buy a new weapon,so you need to build your equipment
from what you find.That's why we had to design
dozens of unique weaponspractically from scratch.And actually, that was our design pillar –
the modern dark ages.Absolutely.The modern dark ages
is the concept ofa fallen civilizationthat moved back peoplenearly to the middle ages.So there are no laws, no rules,
no technology.That's why our weapons,
we tried to create themin a most deadly and violent way.And working with that concept,where did you get the inspiration from?Well, citizens of Villedor,
they couldthey could only use stuff
they found in the world.So we thought we should do
exactly the same –we scavenge.So mostly, we've been looking for
our inspiration instores selling agricultural,
construction, military tools—But also places like junkyards.Actually, that's true!So right now we've got nearly
200 of them in game.And even though some of them
may look very simple,we've got also quite the opposite,
like, I don't know,- a semi-automatic crossbow.
– Oh, I love this one!And our weapons are very
diverse visually.Each one has a unique designand history.Just by looking at the weapon,you can tell where the maker
found the parts.At a military base,a museum,a repair garage.Exactly!It's exactly like that in the game.
When you pick the weapon,you instantly realize if it was cobbled
together in the street,or maybe made by factionswhere they have access to welding
and steel cutting equipment.Yeah, and don't forget about the mods.Because in the
Dying Light 2: Stay Human world,if you want to beat your opponent
with a highly effective weapon,First of all, you need to find a
basic version of that weapon,and then slowly build it up.That's what we called "modding."We've got many types of mods.Like defensive ones,let's say improving the quality
of your handle,or offensive ones, like improving
the tip or the blade itself.So… I don't think that right now we would
have time to talk in detail about that,but in December,you'll all be able to add an effect
to your favorite weapon,such as fire, freeze, electricity—Szymon, Szymon, let's stop here.Let's leave something for
the players to discover.So let's end here,and guys, thank you for joining me.Before I talk with my last guests,I would like to invite you to participate
in our UGC contest.Especially you, gamescom viewers.
We are waiting for you submissions.And, if you are thinking about competing
in the cosplay category,you will want to hear this one.Let me present to you the grand jurythat will be choosing the best cosplays
of the Dying Light 2 characters.WelcomeIrena MeierLightning Cosplay!Narga and Aoki!Enjinight!And of course, fingers crossed for you –our community.Let the best cosplay win!Check our website for more details.My last guests will explain
how The City itselfaffects combat and movement.- Michał Dudziak, Game Designer.
– Hello.And Adam Michałowski,
Senior Game Programmer.Hi Tymon.Gentlemen, there's this saying that when
you really want to achieve something,the whole world aligns to help you.And basically, that's what is happening
in Dying Light 2: Stay HumanExactly. Based on the player's choices,the world is literally changing,and helping you to achieve your goals
in combat or exploration.For example, the gameplay
will be totally differentdepending on which factions you support,the Survivors or the Peacekeepers.Okay, but can you give us more detail?The differences between the factions
define how each group can help us.For example, the Survivors
keep to the roofsand are trying to avoid the danger
on the ground.For building, they use mostly
light materials like wood or scraps.And they can provide you a various amount
of parkour helperssuch as amortizers, trampolines,
or zip lines.This can change the way how
we parkour through the city.On the other hand, we have peacekeepers –the post-military guys who literally
keep their feet on the ground.And for building, they use
totally different materials.Heavy-met objects, metal,or even explosives.And this can give you new
combat opportunitieslike car bombs,heavy traps,or even a new type of ranged weapon.Yeah, and what's important is thatwe don't need to remain loyal
to this one faction.The City is divided into several zonesAnd in each of them the players
can decide with whom they want to side.So while progressing
through the storyline,your able to shape the world
to fit your vision and needs.Okay, but we know already thathumans are active during the dayand monsters come out during the night.But let's reveal more.What are the other difference?Well, monsters attack mostly in groupsand they instinctively take advantage
of their numbers.So, to defend yourself, you
have to keep your head on a swivel.Monsters don't use special tacticsbut it doesn't mean they're easy.they push forward, so you have
to be clever to avoid getting cornered.And to winYou have to stay active,move a lot, and learn to abuse
their unique weaknesses.Explosive traps might come in handy.Okay, and what about humans?They use increasingly
more complex behaviors.As the game progresses,Defeating human enemies and monsterswill become more and more challenging.But unlike monsters, people cooperate.So while fighting them,we need to closely observe
not only individuals,but also the whole group.And of course, there are many more unique
subtleties to both humans and monstersBut I think we should let the players
discover them on their own.Okay, that's a good idea,but all of that sounds very juicy.So let's end here.Guys, thank you for joining me.That's almost all for today.You learned a lot about
parkour and combatin Dying Light 2.We showed you that parkour is not
just a tool for exploration,but also an important element of combat.You discovered some of the weaponsthat you will soon get to wield,and you saw how choosing a faction may
support your parkour and combat skills.Before we end this episode,we have one more
special announcement for you.Dying Light 1 is coming
to Nintendo Switch.So yes,it's official now.Soon you will be able to play
the ultimate open-world zombie gameon a new platform.And we know that a lot of you
are playing Dying June alone, the game was played
by close to 2 million gamers.Big thanks to our community –
you're awesome.Dying Light 1 for Nintendo Switch
will be released in platinum edition.This is the most content-packed edition
we have ever released.On a single playthrough, it contains
over 100 hours of gameplay,not mentioning the time you can
spend exploring the worldwith your friends in co-op mode.More details are coming soon.If you are hungry for moreand you want to support us,why don't you preorder the gameto explore it on your own
in just a few months.That's all for today.Thank you, gamescom,and see you in the next episodesof Dying 2 Know.


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