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Dude Theft Wars Open World Sandbox Simulator #12 Android Gameplay




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Welcome to Dude-o-polis!

A delightful city where all the amazing and wonderful fellows live!

Jack used to carry on with a typical man life when one day he discovered that life can be quite a lot more fun in Dude-o-polis. You can cruise all over the town in any vehicle you need and float your direction while you freeroam around the towns, stops and fields and a 3D City loaded with rapture, purchase any weapon you like with money and become a Gangstar, bother, disturb or SLAP different fellows,

Savage People with projectiles and watch them “RUN”, investigate wonderful structures or simply go through your day loosen on your cell phone!

Interminable SANDBOX FUN:

Buddy Theft Wars is an open world sandbox game and a daily existence test system just as an ideal Dude Simulator. The fundamental goal is to appreciate the delightful city and things it offers on a charming radiant day. You can do what you like to do. Investigate the City in a shopping basket or take shots at trash on a radiant day, make proper acquaintance with your neighbor, enter any structure and take their money or join a mafia posse and go on a heist taking around money and cash and spend it to purchase weapons or sports vehicles with money or go insane and shoot some fella with insane weapons and start a fight royale to frame a hoodlum crew mafia and become the best mafia gangstar ! (ง︡’- ‘︠)ง

Simply all that should be possible in a man’s ideal life. You can carry on with a standard existence of a customary buddy or you can do insane stuff, irritate different fellows, battle different fellows, detonate projectiles, drive an auto and watch senseless ragdolls fly for what it’s worth, host a move get-together with the ideal fellows, etc – it is all up to your creative mind!


An open world sandbox game

Experience all the activity in First Person

Visit Weapon Shop to purchase INSANE Weapons like AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, SHOTGUNS Or simply utilize your hand to SLAP People.

Drive a wide range of Cars like RAMP CAR, MONSTER TRUCK, Rc CARS. Outsider UfO, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, Karts Or simply cruise all over the town in a SHOPPING CART.

Fun AI and hundreds sorts of individuals with ragdoll impacts.

Perform astonishing tricks with ragdolls and Cars that are as enjoyable to watch total as they are to see flop terribly.

Use your cell phone to utilize dUber and request Brand New Cars.

Explore Beautiful City and structures and discover Secrets and easter eggs.

Do activity pack stunts in moderate movement

Troll People with explosives and watch them “RUN”

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