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Doodle Jump First 20 Million Game World Record Video by AWPrince

I am A.W. Prince, the current World Record holder on Lima Sky’s extremely popular app Doodle Jump. I’ve held the World Record since October 16, 2011, when the record was 10.6 Million, moving it to 16.1 Million on March 5, 2012. You can view that score on any iPod Touch or iPhone device that has Doodle Jump, or by clicking on this link; .

The game you are viewing was not hacked, which is why I am the World Record (all hacked games are removed by Lima Sky, so there’s no point in cheating) holder. On every game of Doodle Jump, I started at 0 and worked my way up. Total play time won’t be known until the game is over, but it is currently somewhere around 37 hours for this particular game.

When this game ends, it will be the new World Record game, and it’ll be over 20 Million, as the video shows. Again, you will be able to view the record on an iPod Touch or iPhone with Doodle Jump installed. I will not be allowing comments on this video due to gamers who, while understandably competitive, can’t control themselves from flaming out any video game in which they do not personally hold the record.

So if you’d just like to message me on the side, I’d be glad to respond. All the best to everyone who enjoys the game as much as I do. I will likely do one additional video on Doodle Jump, which will talk about my Top 10’s “Do’s and Do Not’s” when it comes to playing Doodle Jump. I get asked often about how I play, or any tips I can give people, so I will oblige by talking about it in one single video. I only play Doodle Jump casually, approximately 30 minutes per day, and I highly encourage you to play the game as I have, without cheats, score-manipulators or hacks. The only way you’ll ever get better at the game is if you play without them.

Video transcription:


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