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Destrega – Part 2


Destrega (デストレーガ?) is a 3D fighting game created by Koei in 1998 for the PlayStation. Destrega separates itself from other games by creating a Rock, Paper, Scissors type of fighting system. When timed right, you can cancel or overpower your opponent’s attack. The game uses two types of fighting styles: close-up hand-to-hand attacks and Relic attacks, which are the long-range projectile attacks. You can also fight in the air, on the ground, and on top of structures.

Developer(s): Koei
Publisher(s): Koei
Platform(s): PlayStation
Release date(s): [JP] September 23 1998, [NA] January 31 1999, [EU] October 8 1999
Genre(s): Fighting
Language: English
Played on ePSXe 1.9.1

The fighting style in the game is unique in many aspects. Movement includes the ability to freely roam the current environment. The X button jumps, while R1 causes the player to dash and L1 blocks. The close range fighting system is like Rock, Paper, Scissors where each type of attack is stronger and weaker than another. The Square button results in a quick (but weak) attack; Triangle a slow and powerful one. Circle allows you to sidestep, allowing an attack by slipping behind your opponent.

After stepping far back, the charge bar changes from Red to Blue, indicating you can use magic attacks. Just like close range there are three attacks. The Fast (Bidu), Power (Est), and Span (Foh). bidu travels fast but hits weak, Est hits hard but travels slow, and if you are far away, the attack will disappear. Foh fires a multiple blast and does medium damage. Bidu beats Est, Est beats Foh, Foh beats Bidu. Bidu drains the least charge, Foh medium, and Est the most.

You can also combine magic attacks. Different combinations equal different results. There is a Level 1 attack; Bidu, Est, and Foh (3 Combinations). Then there is a Level 2 attack; Bidu Bidu, Bidu Est, Bidu Foh, Est Est, Est Foh, Foh Foh, etc. (9 Combinations). All of which can be reversed (EX: Foh Est) Then the Level 3 attack, Bidu Bidu Bidu, Bidu Bidu Est, Est Est Bidu, Foh, Biou Foh, etc. (21 Combinations). Then there is a Level 4 attack, Bidu Est Foh (any order), (1 Combination), which does a powerful long wide attack.

The charge bar, located in the top corner of the player’s screer, has 4 colors. Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. Red means magic cannot be used (i.e. when in close-range). When yellow, you can do a level one attack. A green charge bar indicates that any level 2 attack (an attack with two attacks strung together) can be used. Blue indicates a level 3 or 4 attack is possible.

Charged attacks are also possible. While charging (by holding Triangle, Square, or Circle) holding R1, L1, or X can do added effects. R1 does a charged run that can also deflect magic that is weaker than your current charge bar. L1 does a charge guard which blocks ALL magic until your charge bar is fully drained. You can also block level one attacks by holding L1, resulting in little damage, or press it right before contact and deflect it causing no damage. The X button does a charged jump which results in a higher jump, letting your character reach a platform that couldn’t be reached by a regular jump. Or you can hit X to jump and hit Bidu, Est, Foh of any type/level and fire another different set of attacks while in the air. You can also land on your feet after being knocked into the air by tapping L1 while in the air.

Game Modes are 1P Battle (Fight CPU), Story (Fight CPUs based on the story), Versus (Fight 2P), Team Battle (Fight with up to 6 characters controlled by a human or player), Time Attack (Finish game with as little time as possible), and Endurance (Fight as many CPU people as possible. You gain health based on the speed of the battle fought).

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