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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Dead Ghost, Necrotic Cypher & Jade Rabbit Location Guide

The video you’ve all been waiting for is still in production. Until then, here’s the locations to all of the dead ghosts, necrotic cyphers and jade rabbits.

Dead Ghosts by Timestamp:

Archer’s Line: 0:46
Anchor of Light: 1:26
Lunar Battlegrounds: 2:05
Hellmouth: 2:48
Gatehouse: 3:16
Circle of Bones: 3:57
Summoning Pits: 4:36
World’s Grave: 5:34
Shrine of Oryx: 6:14
The Pit (Dungeon): 7:00

Necrotic Cyphers by Timestamp:

Archer’s Line (I.III: Of Tattered Blood and Broken Bone): 7:42
Archer’s Line (I.IV: Of Tattered Blood and Broken Bone): 8:09
Anchor of Light (II: An Audience with Slaughter): 8:24
Anchor of Light (III: Ritualistic Circle Pit): 8:36
Sorrow’s Harbor (IV: Blood Sport): 8:48
Sorrow’s Harbor (V: A Sinister Plot): 9:00
Lunar Battlegrounds (X: Faith in Bone): 9:09
Hellmouth (I II Of Tattered Blood and Broken Bone): 9:19
Hellmouth (I I Of Tattered Blood and Broken Bone): 9:34
Gatehouse (IX II The Unmaking): 9:44
Circle of Bones (VII: The Severed and The Unmade): 10:09
Temple of Crota (VI: Blood Sport): 10:31
World’s Grave (IX I The Unmaking): 11:01
Chamber of Night (VIII: A Sacrifice of Self): 11:18
Sanctuary (XI: The Anti-Logic) (only available after first 14?): 11:49
Dungeon Cypher 1 (VIII X: Apocrypha): 11:58
Dungeon Cypher 2 (IX X: Apocrypha): 12:47
Dungeon Cypher 3 (IX X.II: Apocrypha): 13:37
Dungeon Cypher 4 (XI X Apocrypha): 13:55
Dungeon Cypher 5 (IX X I Apocrypha): 14:21

Jade Rabbits by Timestamp:

Archer’s Line: 15:15
K1 Logistics (Archer’s Line Lost Sector): 15:32
Anchor of Light: 15:46
Sorrow’s Harbor: 16:01
Hellmouth: 16:17
Circle of Bones: 16:35
Chamber of Night: 16:50
Shrine of Oryx: 17:10
K1 Revelation (Sorrow’s Harbor Lost Sector): 17:31

Collectibles Organized by Location:

Archer’s Line: 0:46 (Ghost), 7:42 (Cypher), 8:09 (Cypher), 15:15 (Rabbit), K1 Logistics 15:32 (Rabbit)

Anchor of Light: 1:26 (Ghost), 8:24 (Cypher), 8:36 (Cypher), 15:46 (Rabbit)

Sorrow’s Harbor/Lunar BG: 2:05 (Ghost), 8:48 (Cypher), 9:00 (Cypher), 9:09, (Cypher), 16:01 (Rabbit), K1 Revelation 17:31 (Rabbit)

Hellmouth: 2:48 (Ghost), 9:19 (Cypher), 9:34 (Cypher), 16:17 (Rabbit)

Gatehouse: 3:16 (Ghost), 9:44 (Cypher)

Circle of Bones/Summoning Pits: 3:57 (Ghost), 4:36 (Ghost), 10:09 (Cypher), 16:35 (Rabbit)

Temple of Crota: 10:31 (Cypher)

World’s Grave: 5:34 (Ghost), 11:01 (Cypher)

Chamber of Night: 16:50 (Rabbit), 11:18 (Cypher) (you’ll see)

Shrine of Oryx: 6:14 (Ghost), 17:10 (Rabbit)

The Pit of Heresy: 7:00 (Ghost), 11:58, 12:47, 13:37, 13:55, 14:21 (Cypher)

Sanctuary: 11:49 (Cypher)

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Video transcription:

Hello everyone.It is time to go collectable hunting.Today, we're going to cover the locations
of all dead ghosts, necrotic cyphers and jade rabbitsWe're going to work in blocks, so all dead
ghosts first, then cyphers, then rabbits.However, a lot of them are interspersed in
the areas, so in the description are the locationsof everything organized by location instead
of type if you wanna do that.All timestamps are in the description for
everything.The purpose of these collectables is mainly
for triumphs and lore hunting, but you willneed the 9 jade rabbits and 10 ghosts for
the Harbinger title AND to get a neat shadercalled Lunar Gloom.Let's start with the Dead Ghosts.In order to see the dead ghosts on the ground,
you need to purchase the item from Eris firstwith a Lost Ghost Trace otherwise you will
not be able to see them.Here are the locations.We'll start with Archer's Line.Head towards the center of the area, looking
at the structure that cuts the area in half,then turn around to look towards a giant crack
in the surface of the moon.The ghost is by some boxes on a ledge in the
crack.Next is Anchor of Light.You're going to head into the toppled circular
building, passing a necrotic cypher on theway.Head into the only room in the building and
go around the corner for this ghost.Next, we'll handle Lunar Battlegrounds.Go to Sorrow's Harbor and follow along on
screen for how to get to Lunar Battlegrounds;this is the start of the Shadowkeep campaign.Keep going until you get to what was known
in Destiny 1 as the First Light PvP map, akathe VERY start.Go to the right edge of the map and behind
a nosecone will be the ghost.The Hellmouth ghost is right at the entrance
of the Hellmouth in the Hellmouth zone.Follow along on screen, grab the ghost and
start heading into the Hellmouth.We're headed into the Gatehouse.Go down the big stairs, past the room with
a bunch of rocks, down more stairs, enterthe next room, make a right to go down a hallway
to find this smaller room.The ghost is on the right side bythe window.Continue down into the Circle of Bone.As soon as you enter the area, head straight
into a circular room with 4 short pillars.The ghost is next to the top right pillar.Next, let's go to the Summoning Pits, aka
Phogoth's room.If you're looking at the giant chasm, you're
headed to the left while hugging the ledgeon the right side.Enter Phogoth's room and make a right immediately.Jump up to the higher ledge for
the next ghost.Go back to the Circle of Bone ghost and this
time we'll make a right to go into the World'sGrave.As soon as you see the World's Grave wording
pop up on screen, keep going straight intoa small room.The ghost will be on your left on the floor.The next ghost is in the Shrine of Oryx.You can get to the Shrine of Oryx by taking
the path into the Hellmouth from Archer'sLine.You'll get to a point where you can either
go straight or make a left, you'll want togo left.Then, take the path ALL the way down to get
to where I am.The ghost is in the middle of the room under
the shrine.The 10th ghost is in The Pit in Pit of Heresy
dungeon, better known as the Ogre section.You're going to take the left path pretty
far down, then just as the path cuts insidethe cave area to right, you're gonna jump
on a ledge in front of you along the wall.The glow of the ghost should be pretty obvious
here.Next up, we'll grab the 20 Necrotic Cyphers,
15 of them outside on the Moon and 5 of themin the dungeon.We'll start in Archer's Line again, we have
2 here.The first is on the ground in front of the
Hellmouth entrance in this area.These cyphers are not very well hidden, so
they should be pretty easy to spot, at leastuntil we get to the dungeon.The other one is in the left building close
to the bigger building that houses the lostsector in the area.A dead astronaut is hanging onto it.Next, head to Anchor of Light.We're going into the toppled circular building
and you can probably already see where itis just from the video.The other one can be found by turning around
from that spot and going towards the buildingon the other side of the area.Against the edge of the lower area is the
cypher.Let's go to Sorrow's Harbor next.These 2 are opposite one and other.One of them is all the way to the right side
of the area near the regional chest, and theother is on the opposite side in the upper
left corner of the map.Next is Lunar Battlegrounds.It is located under the pillar in the middle
of the area where you do the 6 plates in thecampaign mission.Time for the Hellmouth, there are 2 here.The first is by a pillar emitting green light
towards the right side of the map.The second is as you're entering the entrance
area of the Hellmouth, again, pretty easyto see on the video, not very hidden.Head into the Gatehouse area by going into
the Hellmouth.After going down the big stairs, you'll hit
this room.The cypher is on the second level basically
dead ahead from where you enter the room.Keep going into the Circle of Bone.The cypher is straight ahead, leaning against
a beam close to the Hellmouth chasm.From here, it's probably easier navigation
wise to teleport out and go to the Templeof Crota, which you can access by going to
Anchor of Light and taking the path to theright when passing the circular building if
you come from Sanctuary.Anyway, after going down many stairs and getting
to a big circular room, head off to the rightand behind a big rock formation is the cypher.Continue down the path in that direction for
the World's Grave cypher.There will be 2 doorways to the right when
you enter the area, take the right side doorwayand the cypher will be in the pool of water.The next cypher is in the Chamber of Night,
which is accessed via World's Grave.From where you just were, if you continue
down the path instead of going into the siderooms, you'll hit a big staircase going up.Make a left and keep going straight, down
the path going until you hit the final roomwith the bones.Up the hill on the right is your cypher.Teleport back to Sanctuary and look down and
to the right for the 15th cypher.Now it's time to dive into the dungeon.The 1st dungeon cypher is in the starting
section with the elevators and what not.You're going to go all the way down to the
opposide side to the building with this symbolon it, I've been calling it sphinx, just go
wayy down there.All the way.Then, as you pass the door on your right,
keep going onto some lower level cliffs.Go to the opposite edge of that cliff, look
down and you'll see the cypher.The next one is after the first encounter
by the doorways.You're going to jump up to the highest level
of doors and turn around.You should see a platform in the dark on the
right side, it's tough to see.Jump to that, then you'll jump up to another
dark platform.After that one, you'll jump to another area
in front of you and end up back towards thestairs.Look across the gap for the cypher.The next two are in the Ogre caves.For the first one, when you drop down into
this section, go to the right and open upthe first red tarp that you see.Make a left, then when you get to this closed
door, turn to your right and look behind thisbig rock.The next one here is down the middle path.After the first bend to the right, you'll
enter a side cave via tarp on the left.After entering, make a left and keep going
until you hit a bigger room.Jump on the rock on the right, look to your
left and up and you'll see the cypher.The final cypher is after the plate encounter.Instead of dropping down this section, all
you need to do is climb your way up and thecypher is on the outer ring above.Finally, let's find those Jade Rabbits.You need to feed them a Small Rice Cake in
order to activate them and you can only get3 of them per week.These are also character specific, so if you
feed one on a Titan, but not on a Warlock,the Warlock can still feed it.You need the 9 unique rabbits for the triumph,
not just 9 total, so I'd do all of these on1 character.Starting with Archer's Line, head into the
domed building and make a right.At the end of this corridor is a Rabbit.Next, you're going to get to K1 Logistics,
which is the Lost Sector in Archer's Line.At the very end of the Lost Sector, after
you go in the door that opens after the bossis killed, immediately look to the right for
the rabbit.Moving to Anchor of Light, the rabbit is on
top of the big building on the left side ofthe map next to a big monitor.Let's go to Sorrow's Harbor next, the rabbit
is in between some rocks well before the ScarletKeep entrance on the left side of the area.Head to the Hellmouth, where you'll find this
Rabbit on the ledge of a giant crack in thesurface in between the entrance to Sorrow's
Harbor and the Hellmouth Lost Sector, abouthalfway in between.We're diving into the Hellmouth now from here,
going to the Circle of Bone.Upon entering the area, hook a right and go
under the upper area platform and look toyour right.The next one is in the Chamber of Night.To get to the Chamber of Night, take the path
into the Hellmouth from Anchor of Light, shownhere.The rabbit is a couple of rooms before the
final room, up on and behind a rock.Next up is in the room before the Shrine of
Oryx.To get to the shrine of Oryx, take the path
into the Hellmouth from Archer's Line, theentrance is past the domed building.When you get to an area where you can go forward
or left, go left.This rabbit is on the left side of the room
by the edge after exiting the tunnel.The final is in K1 revelation, which is the
Sorrow's Harbor Lost Sector.You will need the Firewall Key for this one,
which is from the weekly Eris bounty thathas you do 3 lost sectors.The Jade Rabbit will be sitting on a chair.Those are your Shadowkeep collectibles, enjoy
your triumphs and titles and shaders and whateverelse, thanks for watching and I'll see you
next time.


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