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Demonic Ghost Hunt | Phasmophobia

Demonic Ghost Hunt | Phasmophobia Gameplay Let’s Play #Phasmophobia #HorrorGame

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Video transcription:

thank you so much for joining me as game edges 
we are live with phasma phobia on friday night  unusual is spooked over so we might as well jump 
in and have some fun plus there's a freaking fun  game and the lady said yes so you know what 
okay shucks we'll play and i had a really  crowded week a lot of people were sending me 
nice messages asked me about my stove and uh  this is the whole story before we get into a 
little deep in this game i think the technician  walked in after making me wait the entire day 
which is not his fault because they're overworked  don't get me wrong he walked in looked at the 
stove went off beep and went okay and he goes it's  no more good that cfo so if you have a any kind 
of like equipment out there don't buy anything new  for next until 2024 as per this guy so you have 
to wait for another month for the said company  to send me uh or actually the next three or four 
days hopefully they'll send me to go and get a new  one then to find out if there's any stock left 
because there's no more left anywhere so we're  gonna see how this goes i might end up with a 
little coleman stove on the front porch oh no  oh narration oh my god i swear to god  decorate it and it's a halloween decoration 
i had a cuisinart and i bought a little  hot plate right now i feel like i'm back in 
college here which i never went in the snow  i do have a barbecue close to 
the back now in case there you go  all right so i'm joined by these lovely ladies as 
you know mitz and sully bear how you girls doing  hello fan freaking tastic thank you again for 
wonderful mods yes good morning to you guys  good night everyone around the world good 
afternoon wherever you are it's amazing i  can see the polls going great mary stuart thank 
you so much for your support g don't think uh we  need a special emoji for sully bear in october 
i say october is the month of the ghost bearhow you doing the other side nice to see you thank 
you again to our wonderful boss lady red room how  you doing thank you so much for 13 months in a 
row tier one that is friggin spectacular thank  you so much matt let's get big big hashtags 
out there for that mary stewart too and jabber  is with 42 months in a row well jabber's going 
forever tier one for a tier one thank you so muchlittle jabbers what's it oh my god 
i got a song and i can't get it out  oh my god it's gonna come out they don't jabbers  she needs some perfectly yeah do you actually 
it's like i have the song leave it to itthat's it open upyes i'll be watching that actually rainforest 
booktober uh yes i will be streaming some people  ask me like streaming on halloween i will after 
i the doors are closed and the teenagers come  out then after that i will be also entered in 
a contest for the city for the best decorations  which we worked pretty darn hard outside 
nothing spectacular we had fun though and  kind of think the rest of the neighborhood's 
enjoying it they're all slowing down and i'll  sing down my porch uh kind of enjoy it and 
the lady drove by with their friends around  their 20s whatever just turned around and 
started going look how real everything is  look at that one and near the window 
and i got up ah and she got runningshe was like that's not nice but i had a 
lot of fun with it and that was the best  and i turned around i went am i that that 
bad looking she thought it was a monster  oh my god i was like god i'm really 
having like some kind of issues thank  god i have no like problems about worrying 
about my looks or stuff i was like oh you  probably should have taken that face 
mask off before you went outside  damn i hate that when i do that like then i shave 
my hair right afterwards thinking is my hair  oh my god right down to the noggin just thinking 
that's always good the bastard man how you doing  g will die first sure seems like the poll you 
guys were liking me to die first don't forget  it's uh sorry silly bear has had a bad streak 
lately and you guys have picked this right  don't forget i wish there's a way to to like 
we got to figure out something about that  you know what i'm saying you know what i'm 
saying like we gotta figure out something  you know that's where that's where they can 
make a mint doing this uh with um well betting  on who's gonna die you're not betting but you 
know giving like special points back out they  said i know twitch has that don't get wrong but 
it's hard to set up they gotta find a way to  to to do that you know something cool like that i 
don't know i'm always thinking there's so much you  could do with this technology i think they haven't 
even hit what they needed to hit interactive like  full out interactive i know they have that 
with the games i know what somebody's die  has on twitch now they where you can affect 
the player it's gonna be interesting to see  we'll see how it goes i wish i wish youtube had 
integration with that too we'll see how it goes  but you know at least i'll show my myself 
for that so it's all good so ah that's the  community asylum high school richie roadhouse 
or uh farmhouse brownstein farmhouse brownstein  high school holy moly jazz and hat thank you so 
much jazz i really appreciate it very very much  big big hashtag my favorite ghost hunting team 
live what a great surprise for a saturday morningthank you so much jazz good little 
prairie bastard i've been to  thank you so much she uh is the first to die i'm 
calling it ouch all right i'm staying in a truck  please go out and vote on twitch too if you see 
it to pop up there i'm ready for the screen for  you guys if you guys can mr bojangles thank you 
kyle mr bo jangles you got me kyle man you just me  except you knew the words or the actual name 
of the song yeah it's also got mr bojangles  that's right mr bold what mr now i can't even say 
what jabber's mr bo jabbers there we go that worksyou have to change your name javascript jabbers 
a poll of what the ghosts will kill g first ooh  oh because that's a good one it is going to be 
a sum i i don't think i can write them all down  they'd only give me four spaces i think it 
will be agorio in the though with a candlestick  oh my god i'm not playing clue in freaking 
ages mr mustard i think it was awesome  i like that game yeah a little packet there you 
put everything inside with the candlestick in  the boudoir right whatever it is freak me too 
i think they called it um over there don't they  no board games oh good yeah table top table tops 
like pac-man or something like that you're playing  there a little tabletop isn't it i think so at 
least for me i don't know anyone completely wrong  everybody's going to correct me it's not the 
first time i'd be wrong thank you for that for  the bojangle appreciate again anyone in chat to 
know when icarus is coming out on xbox boy you're  probably you're looking at it um it's gonna be 
a little wasted long time yeah yeah probably i  mean if you if they do really well they'll pull 
it off by next year the team is pretty efficient  at what they're doing but i didn't hear anything 
for console yet i know they're going to release pc  and then let's see how it goes but i think 
it's solid enough to go and it would have  to get a new generation it wouldn't be on 
xbox one it would be on the new xbox and a  new ps5 there's no way that could run on those 
the ones unfortunately nice guys how you doing  ski easter egg what's this sky skis how you 
doing it must be a skier hey chad hey girls  all right so we're gonna be doing i'm just blah 
blah and it's gonna make so much fun here um  okay let's get serious and it was shite what 
was it go back no asylum i'm all giddy tonighti'm in good mood i watch squid games with 
my daughter and i think it's just fun time  sitting down so fantastic we finished 
it today so wow what are they doingand i'd never watch yes i don't like foreign like 
that foreign films but the mouths but that worked  i did tell you it was good it was good to 
the end so oh it's a must it is uh and to  think yeah there's a funny story that's a true 
story in the beginning uh there's also a lot  of clues throughout the whole uh movie that's 
where my daughter said there and there is uh  that that actually is a real game that they 
played when it's a kid and they they think about  this right they turned this down so many times 
netflix and then finally said okay and now the  second part most likely come out they're gonna be 
dropping a whole bunch of cash on these people and  i'm so happy for them it'll be awesome crystal uh 
thank you so much kever thank you follow two ends  and stephen smith right let's have some fun ladies 
what's that less jabber more dying oh my god ericfast forward it it's you're maybe you're far back 
yes sir i'm just having fun here it's like an um  a look at um morals and humanity basically 
it's the worst of humanity but also it's like  hunger games moral moral choices people 
make yeah okay would you smooch a ghost  well the one with the long dress 
yes you just turned to the right  i've got issues thank you i'm here all week 
all right we're here take a look at the  equipment and prepare accordingly 
before starting the investigation  i've also written some notes on 
the whiteboard if you need themnewest reports of light switching 
but be careful out therefar right downstairs right yeah 
we got hashtags out there okayall right well i guess i'll i'll 
go left for once you should always  go right i feel like i'm taking 
up the right side all the timestart me upi got some rolling stones in my 
head let's upload all day in my headnice i miss you mountain hop favorite songi'm hoping closing doors looking 
everywhere oh somebody needs to clean us  your men gee oh gee please make 
your death god what the hell people  i can't make it entertaining oh try 
not to die well it might just be mea metal bat on its side and the mattress on 
the floor in the corridor yeah downstairs yeah  yeah like i said i i i go right side down all 
the time so i figured i'd change it up this timesacrifice ge i need uh if the 
what need to be ladies oh my god  toshi bushy thank you so much for that we're gonna 
call ghostbusters something strange thank you  don't look good we're gonna call thank you 
always broke thank you so much crew thank  you so much ghostworth thank you everybody 
appreciate that some big music afterwards  show us some love thank you all for that love 
really appreciate it everybody it's very very  kind of there's somebody upstairs on the right 
side i'm down me i can hear your little tippy  toes on the floor above me you know what i 
mean yeah it is above me that was a little oddlittle tippy toes tippy-toe through two lipsdo you remember uh do you know 
it's christmas time do they know  it's christmas with bob gildoff they made 
that yeah do you ever see the making of that  absolutely the making is hilarious to 
watch tiny tim walk in and try and get on  the song and bob gildoff just goes oh hell no 
full comments walks by going but what the hellbob goldoff's like no you're not doing that to mewell nothing's happening here i've opened every 
door and gone in hello kid okay yeah nothing down  here at the moment either thank you everybody 
again appreciate it sure thanks for love seeing  you so thank you for subscribing not to mention 
that i think hope you guys will pull out a gymit would be goodi hate having to search out for each 
one so which one of them that we have  to interact with them is that a 
shade shade when we find a roomum who's the door on the left yeah downstairs oh  maybe what's that yeah well i'm upstairs 
and it would sound like it was below meokayuh was that you anybody know no 
one was opening the door it sounded  odd didn't it whenever we opened 
um yeah i just got three degrees  in the corridor tia lee's is upgraded to 
booyah thank you for the amazing support  the lowest for a little while i wonder if 
it's up here thank you thank you thank to youi'm not seeing anything here it could be upstairs 
too as much i don't know so which one is it the  shade that that reacts when we open something 
uh i don't know if that's confirmed or notwhen these rooms have extra doors 
in them no oh i just heard thatthank you tia thanks for that thank you so 
much for prime for nine months it's really  amazing thank you so much for that oh i found 
the phone i'll pick you got the bone of his ownuh yeah it is up here i think i was just there  again it's because i walked in that room 
and it just started opening up doorsuh so i think it's the door  where are you right now you know where we come out 
of the locker and turn left yeah yeah i see you  uh i think it's parish oh is the door right 
here open right here there you go there we gowait it's actually right beside the truck 
we're right in the corner coming up when you  come out of the van to left right there that 
one's peeping there that one's peeping now  okay that's what she but just because 
it's opening up a whole bunch of doors  so she's trying to explain to the other door 
on the other side and it's all over the placethe door like a wooden panel that's 
not actually you can't open it but that  you know it's a door and a halfnothing you see there's no 
fingerprints going on here at allyeah i hear you walking try that other 
window down the hallway over hereoh [ __ ] what was that about it was him oh my 
god it's kind of in this corridor a bit isn't it  he just appeared right there by the bed you 
have four emf just popped in and went away  yeah yeah he appeared right in front yeah but 
he's fast he's very fast he's moving around  that's where it was three celsius um and i said 
i just got three that was that spot there so  i'd say that was right oh my god my 
heart is racing let's go really quick  yeah he appeared with his uh baseball bat thing3.3 right hererogermf4where are you oh ballsoh ruler welcome to thunderstruck 
again thank you buddykeep the hashtagit smells like bad i'm sorryi've got a complexokay i've got a camera i'm 
going to put it where are youoh my god did you hear thati'm heregood thing is he's staying 
around emf because he keeps  on going off he's not moving too far from thereyeah you gotta try it out he's scaryuh and the sanity 25 so i think i need 
to get mine down a little bit i thinkit's 61 just a little bit i was carrying a candle 
around it was a bit of a mistake yeah well try  out the spirit box is so freaking amazing his 
voice is scary as i don't want to even very  active he's creepy hey lord see how you doing hey 
shannon hey uh some balls will not save you sorryi feel like making balls toooh spaghettioscan't see too well i'm gonna bring 
another dot in a little further  is he right here he spawned in a hallway herehe spawned right hereyou can see through this little hole 
do you see it i'll leave you some room  we can spy and see what happens 
we're still in the bottom left ehall right now he's closer yeah i'll 
bring it on a dot to make more lightsyeah run around the block oh 
my god let's just have a breakokay um i've got you back with a smudge 
stick you got the no shirt and smudge  the stick smudge stick baby smudge stick sponge 
stick babies much stick anything in the book noit's warped in the salt there 
nothing in the book there oh  oh it's walked in here yeah i 
just have footprint footprintsnow i'm going back for one now just in casei should have kept one pack of thank 
you so much for that right in the book  big big hashtag back thank you so much for the 
love and has uh that's husky thank you so much  for that sorry for one do you appreciate it i 
hope i appreciate that very much paul's againexcuse there's a camera look that's not methat was me oh wow okay went 
through quickly poltergeist going onshe's 18 18. did he fix the volume 
i think with the last updateisn't it it sounds really goodgood i just heard him go past the doorwow okay i'm okay did it workoh i didn't see you it is good okay 
that's done oh i'll jump across down herehe came right towards where i went as well so 
he's a bit sneaky oh he follows he follows goodshow yourself peace i'll go and quickly grab 
another smudge you write something in a book all  right we've got the sanity thing ticked off so we 
could take some tablets now if we wanted to yeahi think so he's a bit aggressiveit's a bit touchyokayso i wonder if we should put the 
book where that door in half is  uh because that was the very first 
spot that i he interacted with  um we heard that door didn't we move now 
we can move a box uh book there if you want  uh do you want me to do it 
because i'm holding a smudge oh no  uh i'll drop something here okay 
actually no [ __ ] i had a roomokay i put one there awesome oh 
window he's not on this window againmaybe on that table you might 
like yeah i'll say the same thing  yeah he has a bad back and 
he can't bend over to writebit of something yeah i feel bad for him 
um bushy balls balls balls what the heck  he might run thank you for your 
support means a lot more nowall right well i don't know i'm waiting for like 
some kind of dots at this point the way this is  going yeah what if the dots what if the dots 
are like in the other hallway or oh there it  is dots found it got yep across nice nice um he 
he ran from the right of that door to the leftit's very faint see if i can see iti'm moving it closer thank youyeah you should be able to 
see it from right to leftnipple nipple head what theit's getting cold to dress 
appropriately look you get the pointoh my god uh jenny b has become a 
member of fist bumper woo thank youit took a while before we saw it too 
because we were there for a whileghosts that are attracted to human 
voices it could usually be found in  hunting family homes this one's supposed to 
be haunting usually for hunting family homes  yeah talk near yokai to anger 
it's that's probably whyjb thank you again for fist bump 
and thank you very much to jeremy  accord thank you so much for that we're 
two months in a row and booyah thank youthank you for being part of this really appreciate 
it thank you so much more streams coming  out with a new plan coming up stay tuned all 
right where's my camera do you everybody see  my camera i think i left my other pants 
there's another one in there i droppedoh yeah the other one's five two i 
never use it okay well this is stupidgavin has become a fistbump member too whoo 
thank you so much for that kevin good big uh  whole bunch of doritos and cokes and ones out 
there showing some love to all brand new membersi think you should save it for 
hunting purposes okay i feel  more comfortable knowing that you can 
throw that oh where is he somewherein that room he was here in his corner i 
think he was in that corner okay we've had  that before haven't we dang it i've had him 
here a few times so we're supposed to talk  a lot to piss off yokai so talk talk 
talk thank you drills and cokes you  guys are awesome show that love there to 
only members maybe it should be talking  how fast was he quite fastuhoh what we did oh my goshoh from a distance too bathroom 
i did that horrible toowell that was just a lucky shot cause i 
didn't know it was pitch black quick took it  he followed me into the bathroom i left 
the camera on me too i might attract him  towards us and then i i i had my light on when 
i flipped out the camera the light turned on no  oh god all right it's a shitty picture 
but hey it's my money all right we did itokayjust make sure it's selected 
your car make sure it says okayis this no offense i don't know 
anymore thank you neverlandthank you so much gavin jeremy court thank 
you so much for that look at 350 wow how come  check the 45 10 10 bone 10 no insurance 
that's pretty good yeah there was a  22 minutes hunt 17 minutes uh in time inside ghost 
room five so we were not always there we thought  was a ghost room no but with the ghost rooms 
five minutes it's like we weren't in the right  exact area all the time but it would i think 
it was actually in a room to the right maybe  wow because i only ever saw him in 
the corridor that's quite something  yeah no they didn't i was never 
in that room either what the hell  that that one unusually freaked me out that'd 
be that was pretty nasty proper freaking yeah  i i think to have him just suddenly 
appear in front of me for a micro second  it's just i wasn't expecting it yeah it really 
it really throws yeah it was good it was good  next wastelander six months as a member of fist 
pump thank you thank you so much for everybody  also all for you guys there there thank you for 
all you got support appreciate big big hashtags  all right let's get some more trees and cooks 
that they're showing some love to each other here  it's awesome something i wish i could 
have right now but i can't make me happypretzels i have some chocolate pretzels okay 
but i yeah but i can't eat them so it's kinda  my daughter's gonna eat them i could dip mine in 
some nutella that's always good yeah doritos and  nutella are good too doritos and peanut butter are 
good i think we did this before um yeah all right  so we have brownstein farmhouse brownstein 
high school in prison up for grabs so let's  see what's what thank you next again for all your 
support thank you everybody thank you nipple head  for saying it's so cold outside i think i just 
keep someone's car with nipple with my nipplesthis is gonna be you know 
what's gonna remind me of  it's gonna this remind me of uh was it 
the uh seinfeld episode nipples hey nipyou remember that no no never seen she takes 
a christmas picture and her nipple is showing  and and everybody goes hey hey nip 
hey nip what film is this no seinfeld  oh no i've watched it so many times it's 
sickening uh still love seinfeld too much  where's the prison oh my god prison with just with 
twitch alone prison's already like a 58 percent  of love being shot i'm sorry but that'll be 
up quite a bit thank you a big twist too for  pointing out there thank you paul for 13 months in 
a row again for thunderstruck come back and thank  you so much big big hashtags everybody out there 
thank you so much showing love materials and cokesgotta figure out how that works doctors likes i do  in prison everybody out there kevin 
kevin all right everybody's good  kill the girls as for jessica okay well 
that's kind of rough now girls stay in the van  that's how you find it well it's no fun for them 
what are they gonna do in the van we'll watch youto have find one evidence camera's out first 
though it's prison too are you crazy there's  no way we can do it inside of that they've been 
there for a long time if we can't split up in  this one yeah who dropped all our load in this one 
that was me okay thank you no problem thank you so  celebration died next round that's good any chance 
uh you will be doing a multiplayer of stranded  deep yes there is actually a very good chance i'll 
be doing multiplayer i just spoke to devs about  a week ago i think it was or two weeks 
ago two weeks ago and i asked them why  they were not i know they only have co-op 
and if we add more and i don't know they i  it's like very weird when you're talking dev 
sometimes uh-huh yeah uh-huh they're like is  that happening yeah no no pills no problem shannon 
i really don't use pills unless someone tells me  about it i forget all the time it is handy though 
as frick and prison's really hard to to do it  but we'll try my best candles only know bushy i 
really would love to buddy but everybody would  hate me for the candles is it bad kennels better 
now they are better right they're better not  bad but they're better with the torch smaller 
location you know do a smaller location maybe  a good day thank you bushy for all your support 
though appreciate good day all the amazing street  oh thank you shane jean's in the house too uh so 
the winner winner chicken dinner is on from both  sides of this prison and we're going professional 
as usual caring for insane having fun die for  the ladies g casper what the freak is going on in 
australia today you guys are full of murder death  kill murder death kill okay listen new zealand 
has some good news jesus should stay inside the  whole time in prison that's not a problem i can do 
that i'll have to go to the door and pick up stufffor helplooks like this is going to be a tough 
one we've had reports of violence  and it looks like they left in a 
hurry oh great thanks a lot guysif you guys want to go upstairs and change 
it up a bit i can do it i could go to cell  blocking this time i'm trying to do 
a little different than you know okayi'll go celebrateoh something getting thrown locally maybe left 
maybe the same room as last time in prison  or upstairsi'm not seeing anything thrown heredonuts are safe donuts are safe in this room sookay the power is on thank you thank you next 
thank you so much for the very kind support to  shane and bushy you guys are absolutely 
awesome thank you thank you thank youi thought i heard a knock then as 
well i don't even realize it like  i said it's not forced it comes 
out when it has to try not toum you heard something upstairs maybe it's 
upstairs well i i thought i heard a knock but  it could be that way you're going in 
there because sometimes that travels  from that side doesn't it this is the sound 
does it yeah we hear it you know all acrosswe've had ghosts upstairs and thought 
it was up in the vermeil oh yeah i agree  i'll stick a i'll stay in a for just a little 
bit to see if there's anything going on here  okay i'll stay nice and safe say heygavin would like to say hi to you mets hello 
how are you come on see something nice for his  ringtone gavin how you doing 
would you like a tomatoreally weird nothing going on here though 
gavin again thank you so much for that  very kind of support thank you so much 
look at the hashtags that they're justi don't know it was like a song it's not 
like the song but it could be also just a  metal sounds in this roomwould you be imagining it because i do that 
all the time we get so used to this you think  you heard them and they weren't there 
really are you saying i hang issues welli mean i know i have issuesoh i heard a knock oh i am a knock 
on a window i'm in visitors umso i was on the other side it could bemagnificent sorrybushy thank you oh i will support the girlsbig hashtag thank you for 
my doom i appreciate my timeuh gavin will like to say hi to you too sullyhello kevin kevin i'm calling let 
me get a little voice clip are theynot seeing anything elselove it pick up the phone oh nicehey guys thank you gavinuh i just heard something very close being 
thrown and i'm in the warden's office  oh wow okay i think i think maybe 
freezing temperature i am not sure  but i think bathing temperature 
it's been a pretty tricky oneyeah in the water oh the door just opened 
somewhere here yeah the other office uh  security officer security where the door just 
opened there's a book on the floor oh there it iswhere are youhow old are youare you friendly let me go to the room and 
see if we can talk to you when you're aloneare you friendlydefinitely freezing temperaturesuhuh oh my gosh she opened the door and walked in 
front of me oh my god oh my goodness did she stopbut she was after me like really badand i can't leave why oh yeah she 
saw you that's right i have okay umoh thank you i thought you gave 
me some tools since i can't leave  i left a camera on the table just up from 
the stairs going towards the office thank youmind if you're thinking for followingsojazz in the hands thank you so 
much thunderstruck oh my horseshoesbig hashtag jazz thank you so much thank you bash  i gotta restrict my goodness of course 
grayson cooks holy crap so my strategy  was to go back up the other stairs upstairs and 
right next to the bathroom so i can do some worki'm right next to the ghost room emf's going offnot gonna make itnot this oneoh she's on meohum okay is there um a banshee 
anywhere in our future herebecause it had banshee but 
it isn't it isn't no damnin the doorwaywhere are you how old are you are you 
angry how many are you where are youwhere was that emf going offi don't from on the floor where's 
the other one oh that one there  interesting you see we're all 
together it's not liking thatit's it's a whimp and it says jeez i think 
i did i scared the bejesus at me by the way  big big hashtag thank you so much for that 
support bushy too thank you jazz thank you  don't leave me don't leave me come 
back don't leave me this way babyuh i'll move the book a bit closer in there it 
was a broski beat ain't that that was bronskyheart is full of lovesoforeignoh my god i hid in a dictionary corner 
in the library oh a backup seriesoh thank god i like this one it makes 
sense yuri is tough as nails very niceokay just a second so we need 
to smudge whilst being chased  and get it to set up a motion sensor so oh 
and i think it just did it just as i saiddid someone bring a smudge stick i'm 
going to take the uh challenge thereyou have a smudge stick of 
lighter spare ones pleaseif you come to the front door i will put it in theoh good on yathis is really badsouhoh god it worked i think i threw it right at herthank you so much for prime i did 
and we're done i can leave we believewoo lunchy thank you so much appreciate that three 
six steve gifted tier one that's awesome thank you  sorcerer give a sub oh man give us thank you so 
much bushy next wasteland jazz thank you so much  for everybody we did it we continued this when i 
was needed got myself in and out of there survived  and some that was a little bit uh i have to say 
that one frazzled me a lot i i don't know how it  got away i was in that room when it happened 
i ran through downstairs background right to  the bathroom i hid there about three times so 
three or four times at night all four times  i keep on going what if she decides to turn 
back around i was like no that's not a good ideai got the horseshoe my butt yes it feels 
like it uh ghost one fresh canadian meat  from its poutine yeah steak one 
squeaky cheese all right um let's see  got everything here goes and for people might 
be new to i just want to see something hereyou're a yuri is a ghost that uh has returned 
to the physical world usually for the purpose of  revenge or hatred strength series have been known 
to have stronger effects on sad people's sanity  oh how bad was it oh yeah that 
was pretty bad that was good okay  all right we're good oh my god the candles issmile you're on candid camera oh my god i've 
heard that in ages oh my god what's thatgod destroying my age all right i'm 
ready all right we're good quick barbieyou're trick candid camera who is it alan thicke 
so i got there was something i think it was  good his name was a host of that just a 
little tell me 200 bucks what was wrong  with that why would get less i don't know it's 
the objective it's the price for the objectivei'm sorry different objectives must give different 
rewards i guess so it kind of threw me off a bit i  don't know it was weird it was very very weird 
actually uh bushy's saying yeah you're making  the team look badgy you haven't died yet i'm 
sorry i'm i'm telling you it's like there was  a little bit of luck actually there's 
a lot of luck that was a revenant dead  could have had some serious problems and 
if it was uh if i mean honestly i don't for  and the other one also exceeded the first 
one too she got away with a whole bunch of  them too so it's pretty crazy okay wow look at 
the selection of this again what's up with this  okay big big selection coming up uh we got graftonif you learn how to spell farmhigh school let's go put high school you know if 
you know what's brown state is just saying you had  brown stain okay uh prison again well prison's 
really been hot to trot since the last few uh  episodes right yeah and uh brownstein uh farmhouse 
they've been uh pushing that one pretty hard so  yeah go ahead and vote both sides go ahead and do 
what you have to do get in the corner and do it  really quick oh thank you so much kyle i hope 
everyone has a great night thank you kyle for  being so positive being here great great for the 
community thank you so much we really appreciate  you for that um chief fini boy thank you so much 
boy i think it is thank you so much for that i  really appreciate the super chat you're amazing 
that's so sweet saying thank you chief appreciate  that very much big big hashtags out there thank 
you thank you thank you that's for kind of you  uh yep 360 was wanting some farmhouse no 
that's what they're asking for i think  the game is pushing for deaths in there uh i 
said balls really 11 times okay last time i i  honestly i haven't said a while i know but last 
time i was in complete fear walking down that last  corner around the hallway there i had those 
shakes going on i screwed up i hit the wall  i couldn't open a door can open door can open 
door freaking out i got lucky i happens thank  you angels and faith for not saying no dying g 
i appreciate that love angels oh that's sweet  need uh to buy for 64.99 now that would be nice 
wouldn't it look the wooden lottery do a lot of  good with that people ask me actually when i quit 
i wouldn't think i quit i think i'd do a lot more  work in the public that's why i think i'd be able 
to go out there and do a lot more it's 40 million  dollars i think this week i didn't buy one i don't 
i don't gamble at all though it's really tough butdo you have to say i bought i bought what is 
the euro million a lottery ticket because um  we had something happen and they're like oh 
you'll have to buy a lottery ticket for that  so i did and i think it's 189 million 
pounds oh wow that's nice that's good  yeah i'm sure i'm sure i could find 
a way to you know spend a bit of that  try i think you're good i think i could 
spread the love with that kind of moneywell that's the great thing about that 
kind of money is you really could ohyeah which is 45 million dollars canadian 
yeah it's pretty crazy uh gleeson dell  one actually they brought brownstein 
farmhouse won by just a slim margin  also two twitch had a big affected end uh 
grafton came in second high school came in  third in prison came and of course didn't make 
any sense to play again so i'm a half idiot  i know and this is your killer this is a place 
that kills you a lot yeah yeah you have not  been lucky at this place so what would you say 
celebrate steaks inside for this one oh come on  no no it's okay if you're checking it out 
on tuesday fine big poultry chicken beerdamn i should have bought damn thing 
i just didn't think about it at allit's been three times before it's been 
three times what the heck okay one twodon't leave me this way babyall right for youyou like my dancing i'm trying 
to show off for you guys you knowhey norm what time we're to do clubbing 
at sorry norm what time do you want to  say we're going clubbing at all right 
cool they still play this guy musicall rightum all right bachelorette man thank you so much 
uh g is protecting shouldn't you stay inside  outside oh inside this time what you should stay 
no no no no no no no no it's taking a long timewhat's my linehow dare youwhere are you all righthow old are youare you here i'm going for the tower i think 
it's in the word workshop are you alone not  ready properly oh where are you on the floor in 
the toilet downstairs that is not normally thereno you're right that's not a 
normal bunny place power is onall right so i'm just staying inside this time 
but damn if i die it's not funny where are you  where is this place try the toilet here oh sorry 
actually i need to go i need to go one second here  wanna come and hold it or whateveroh what where are youhow old are you oh my god he spoke 
where are you diddy how old are youwell i'm almost sure but you know what sally 
i just to confirm once you confirm it so  you can have some fun with it too because i i 
didn't hear it all the way i think it's a left  is there anybody heredo you want us to leaveis there anybody here chris quantz thank 
you so much for uh g slimmer speak to me  thank you so much chris all right let me just 
leave you alone in there is this your bunnyit's true for anybody here have 
you ever heard them say left beforewhere are youthank you so much for that i 
really appreciate you deciding  to send those credit workers how old are youanybody hereuh no is there one radio behind there 
too where's upstairs where are youhow old are you are you angry are you alonewhere are you actually there's one in the 
other room isn't there on on the frontin the little office i think there's a 
radio in the office no it is upstairs  nothing here i'm upstairs and 
i think it is where are youoh yeahokay go back and get the stuff rogerokay so it's traveling through floors nowyeah like a circle of influence isn't it so does 
anyone want to pick up the bone it's in that roomoh i just turned it on againfreezingdots okay uh by the way uh the cross is 
gone oh good that's one of the objectivesthat's good when you're inside the house runsorry for screamingoh my headsetshould i'll try not tooh my god maybe all the way down here do i have 
a headset on my head uh yes no you don't [ __ ]this is no choice this one so i'll go and get itnext we decided who's gonna call g 
thank you oh [ __ ] i missed themcome and watch it can we watch the horror well she 
should be okay i think if she could get someone  she should be okay i'm sorry 
thank you next we appreciate  chris claus thank you so much to that 
bushy everybody i'm trying to say  unfortunately the head cam was needed for the 
girl so all right she said i like her she's safeso we got what um freezing temperatures 
emf5 so it's either gin shane or oni right  so we got fingerprints yeah 
ghost running dots dotsi want to get some camerai'm going to bring it down okay it comes 
down into the workshop oh my god yep not goodyeah it's tough chris thank you 
that's people always make mistakesno knocking a window checking the windows no 
fingerprints on the windows with the knocks  okay nothing in the back of door i'm going to 
leave the light there in case something happens  all right i'm bringing the cross up okay 
boxes on the carpet thank you i'm gonna put  some sanity pills on the welcome mat for 
you game edge i've got a lot of pillshey look i'm smoking hot yeah you like itlook at you wowthis is going to be a rubbing onesteven hendrickson thank 
you so much appreciate thatyeah i've got to try and do thati think the workshop's a really bad place to gothe problem with this is that i can turn them 
down but they get turned down for everything  else i think it's just when they do 
regular voice so we're still looking  for fingerprints ghost writing and dots yeah 
i'll try 61 whatever um yeah everything's  upstairs too steven uh henrik said thank you 
again very much appreciate that i hear iti got the light on for you come on sit 
have a door open go go go go go insideblackwing angel girl thank youit would be nice actually blackwood 
angel thank you i like that i doveteran thank you so much for tier one for 
nine months in a row thank you so much for  that everybody thank you love for you guys 
thank you thank you i really appreciate iti almost took the pills by mistakeall right placing a uh camera down thank youis there another dots anywhere in hereagain okay i was gonna say i don't know  put one at the top of the stairs as well 
sally will do the camera i mean you know likeso where should i put the dotsokaythank you thank you my precious good luckso we've done everything except identify itgetting back into that room it's 
going to be tricky i've been therei'm back out perfectokay uh we're gonna need what else 
are we gonna need to find room  fingerprints goes right in dots so check the book 
i guess oh another book maybe do another another  book i'll go get one sorry thank you thank you i 
was trying to remember i i completely forgot okaythank youdamn runsoby the time he gets here it's nearly done isn't itlast time we walked around a 
little bit longer in here but yeah  yeah i'm surprised to touch the lockersuh yeah thank you what to tell 
you what's your own lightsyou put this run runsomywhat i play is eric mccloud thank 
you so much for your support buddythank you thank you shall i go and get someneed smudgesokay please be careful you sure 
when we go we want to go up thereoh really i'm gonna bring a smudgehe's closing door on mei remembered it why oh thank youjbhunless you want to take pictureswell we could smudge ityeah he's a little dangerous by the wayand possesses extreme strength there's open 
rumors that they become more active around  their prey he's also called nearby scene 
moving objects like great speed all rightso it comes from the right and 
runs into the middle of the room  i'm just looking i haven't filled my book 
in yet but i want to see the dots if i canoh there you go beautiful yeah right in the 
middle room that's pretty cool you actually  really detailed that one too that was a really 
clear one again thank you for that uh black wing  angel girl uh thank you for that jbh i saw 
you up there who am i hi is everybody doing  up there lizzy brad i'll be sleeping and the uh 
crab night dude where was it i did it again yeshans of geez haunts your mom whatandlove that tend to uh bring up what 
weird closed doors off thank youoh no just making sure the girls are 
good welcome back what a rip i'm not  doing this job anymore if you get no 210 
bucks for that break is this bread joking  norm is like getting too much of a cut now 
gotta kick him out a team oh my god okay i just  put everything in this one thank you you're 
welcome swear oh wow two choices danger anddanger in the game edgefield street house we've 
had a very very very like nightmare in elm street  that one and grafton farm ouch this is gonna 
be a heck of a choice i'm curious to see you  guys going to vote i'm just going to get myself 
a drink because my throat is completely dried out  chris thank you so much was it gee this 
is are you saying my name right thank you  uh helping me through tough year oh thank you so 
much for losing uh my sister in january my father  on the fifth month i love watching you guys oh 
it's my condolences to you that's never amazing  tons of love to you chris and to your family that 
is not that's not um that's not easy but it's not  uh yeah tons of love to you thank you so much for 
the kind support lady debbie too thank you so much  today's my daughter kira's 60th birthday 
well happy sweet 16 kira's birthday and she's  and she says kick some buttons 
you gave my job thank you lady  thank you thank you kyra ghostly butt i'll get 
a drink you guys vote thank you so much weaverso come on guys get voting  if you're watching take a moment and vote so we 
got edgefield and we've got grafton so oh yeahi love that sound effectdear so two choices so we reckon we're 
going to have uh rain at edgefield  heavy rain in the pacific yeah heavy 
rain and what do we write for grafton  i just get a bit spooky ugly yeah 
foggy definitely foggy a foggy bum[ __ ] down southyeah so how you doing today mitz i'm doing okay 
how are you i'm good i haven't died yet touchwood  um hey it's table touch the table yep i'm touching 
i hope i haven't cursed it now no you're right 99  votes a couple more people i know there's at least 
101 people watching because we had one votes last  time one more person it's a hundred folks oh 
my god where are we gonna go that's too funny  oh god all right thank you yeah we do know edge 
field 67 percent if not 68 with uh both sides  um well it's going down now but with with that if 
i calculate with twitch going through you're quite  a bit people there i vote against uh again for a 
tomato what like what i've done you want tomato  tomatoes one more two eighteen can you say this 
runway fruity can you see that too yeah this stuff  fire away what a runaway fruity mrs doubtfire 
university i really wanna look another runaway  fruity i love that pierce brazil getting smacked 
in the face by that oh this is crazy i love him  oh thank you joseph cosby thank you so much 
for that i really appreciate that very much  thanks for being you all that's very kind of you 
saying that thank you big big hashtags that's  very kind um thank you so much you can't see off 
camera is mitts piling the cans up onto your feet  on top of each other as well 
wow they're sleeping together  yeah amazing amazing i'd say 
they're hugging don't be so vulgar  all right so it is edgefield nightmare in 
edgefield uh we're gonna be rocking so yeahthank you dream i really appreciate 
that lovely vids thank you  uh yeah so in case people are asking 
before i get this seven days to die  isn't coming out till maybe november which 
is good because being in the middle of this  horror 31st so they let it slip in the 
green room so in case you guys are not aware  i'll give you guys a low down it doesn't look like 
it is so they usually don't say it but from what  i would the slip up a little bit there that says 
november so that's okay it's good because after  halloween is better idea enough that i am still 
in there uh they've been notified but i'm still  part of the stream team so as soon as that 
happens i'll be bring back some days to die  i don't want to i want to play with the new 
stuff so so i'll be streaming the crap out of  that for sure shadow kiss thank you so much for 
uh rescribing tier one for 10 months in a rowreally amazing thank you so much for that 
it shows up next lady everybody chris  blackwing angel eric thank youthere's been no reports of violence 
or sightings but please remain carefulyou guys say someone should bring a spirit 
box that might be useful in this housei don't mind doing it but it's freaky i could 
do it i could do it you grab you don't want this  i can grab it do you want it or not you're very 
indecisive huh is she talking she's just saying noi've gone and got in the house is she is she is 
she punished for not be able to talk anymore do wei thought it was the kitchen i was standing 
right next to the window oh okay i was good  uh you know i might be wrong the bone is in the 
toiletable upstairs i'll turn the light in a roomyeah i don't know what they're doing in 
this little girl's room too right here  a young teenager whatever leftshall i pick it uplet me take a picture okay you know 
they do eat in the weirdest placesi mean i have to say i probably would 
have eaten a toilet too if we had food so  not toilet needs a good screw-up  that's a teenager you eat as much so the 
cupboards are oh ouija board ouija board train wowwho would like to use it last 
time no i did it last time  uh i think you couldn't get it going last 
time that's what it was an issue oh knock hereyeah i had something here do you think it's 
another one where it's gone through the  floor i hope that what is your favorite put 
your emf out thicker emf out whip your emfoh no is that what i think it isis that emf5 yeah oh my godi think she's she's stud locked or 
something where are you how old are youare you heredid it say where well that's weird i've just 
heard something get thrown and i'm sure it was  downstairs she's reading what he says what is he 
saying he's like bringing a whole freaking essayit just keeps on going nonstop miss  it hasn't stopped for a good minute he wrote like 
a whole essay on my vacation from death i went and  haunted some poor people then i met a nice driver 
named norman is your favorite room norman was a  bit of a douche so he kicked him out i living 
room just wait for a while just we could have  been something else no i'm sorry i that's what 
sally said right at the beginning if you remember  no it could have been it could say the living 
dead you know it could be saying something  you know saturday is god right your son is 
god um yeah so living doom yeah yep that's onepeople ask me why i do this because it gives a  buffer if i'm walking in here i get a 
little few seconds maybe to protect me  i like it open people ask me all the time 
tactical trailer trash thank you for subscribingwhere are youfingerprints fingerprints 
fingerprints on a window hereprince are you lonesome tonight well okayinteresting so we have a gin agorio or a 
melee my leg i'm sorry we saw need dots  we don't need ghost herbs we don't need spirit box 
we need freezing temperatures or ghost or writingi just okay that there for the effects because 
it looks cool it does look very cool it's also  handy for walking around oh the cross has 
already been chewed up a bit be careful oh noi'm gonna put a uh emf on a top stair upstairs 
so if it goes off we know he's upstairsso we've got emf and fingerprints  yeah i'll illuminate the stairs make 
it easier for us to find them okayso we do need dotsoh no we must already have 
one in there we need dotsfingerprintsi was just using this lighting 
effect try it by the light switch  on the wall maybe yeah just give me a second hereoh my god it's hard to play sticksoh no who got killed oh no no oh right she 
has appeared in the doorway of that roomuh must be sally i'm so sorry sillysorry i was trying to put it up and i just  this cross is completely gone it 
freaked the hell out of me oh manokay i'm gonna shove this right 
next to me what else we needthank you so much for 
subscribing tier one thank youappreciate thatrecipesholy balls i think did she spawn in the hole  that time i don't know but i 
know she heard the gmf goaloh my god oh uh sally is making us a lovely 
trail which must be to her body downstairs in the  basement oh goodness this fell off too though 
that fell off i think there's gonna be some  fingerprints on the light switch here yeah um is 
there no i don't see any she did flick the switch  okay well the power's offin a minute whoai need to move those dots i think we probably 
need one in the hall i need to stare at them  a bit too though yeah true i don't know 
uh one near the window we will take it oh  yeah i don't know why i'm just thinking 
like on the wall somewhere yeahare lockers open downstairs well that's where 
she was killed that's where she was killedi think what happened sir dark elbow thank yousherry thank you so muchoh happy birthday to you i didn't 
miss that did not show up properly  happy birthday sherry those ten minutes 
ago what the freak it just shows up nowbig big hashtag let's get a 
big happy birthday [ __ ] corvoare you okay yeah i'm hiding 
next to celibar's dead body  oh dear she came upstairs by the way and 
wandered around for a bit um did you get a photoi'm sorry whatnot yeti'm just making lighting effects there okayuhjesus christ get our rolandsi can hear me crystal it's fun that wayi think the photo worked outyou know a nice pose i think 
i got some nice half buttocksi try to try try but you can't can't cat so 
i think she appeared in the hallway that time  just sort of herereally yeah i think i might go and 
grab another camera and put it this end  looking this way maybe yeah i think so let's 
get some extra would you like i'll put themlet's bring in some oh all the cameras are gone 
where the hell are they all did i not give enoughoh i might have they dropped my load this one we 
might not have a penny i put it in this one right  i'm not sure i don't remember anymorethanksum oh there's another camera 
there body is being tossed aroundehoh come on what happened it just it's hot 
it's really pinpointing the hunts really goodand try to look for me and it tried 
to look for me in that claw that  covered it on the other side there and 
opened both of them i usually hide ini don't know what i was doing i 
was trying to put something down i  uh so let's put a big um pile 
of stuff here for the fireplace  uh i might need to move those uh she's trying 
to see his cameras here oh get there too  yeah like put the dots there maybe oh this 
crucifix has just gone right under your feeti've got the uhjessicayeah i think she is crystalhe is pissedoh my god did i shut your eyes off the cupboard  no i choose not to because she like to go 
in those ones a little bit too much okay um  she's knocking those windows hard 
too knock on the window again yeahum i'm gonna put like just move 
the cameras just randomly aroundoh yeah yeah look in the window oh 
yeah yeah i love you yeah yeah yeahi can't stop this feeling deep inside of meoh [ __ ] you got it toyota i'm inside outside 
of me getting close i'm trying to joshua  can't do it when the thing's hunting 
you like crazy it's scary a little bitjessicait was me jessica i was messing with youokay so you guys seen thatwhat the forkshould i see cameras and stuff we canalways saw right there she just popped 
in right in the frame right here in the  middle you can barely see it because it gets 
staticky but she was right there in the middle  okay okay you okay i am yes are you still okay 
yes um yeah i've got a two-star ghost photo  you did an awesome job i saw i was congratulating 
you before he realized he'd be attacked  uh cyber cyber piled a crapload of stuff 
i got another five server three starsphoto shoot photo shoot um you're not 
seeing any kind of things here could it be  writing maybe we're winning the hallway too you 
said here oh there it is dots [ __ ] i think i saw  it oh fantastic the dots are wearing the cabinet i 
think it was the right of the cabinet right there  we need to get some more dots but she 
just faintly went to the right herei'm gonna go move the dots over 
okay so okay you're gonna stare  okay i am stirring let's go pop yoursshe's a shy one yeah it was right when 
i was flipping through and i just saw  just a smidge i'll go and point 
a camera maybe another angle  that one is in front there's one bag in the 
other corner there's one we're facing look  this camera is facing one two of them actually 
to tell you truth okay i'll go i just thank youyeah this is okay i can see 
the cabinet and everything  i wonder if it was the reflection in the glassthis camera right behind you look in 
the corner by the bean bag oh i'll go  sorry i i freaked out oh it's okayi went a little closer to that areayeah oh [ __ ] i think i saw again 
went from chat you guys see it manhorrible horseoh that's awesome jet thank you so much thank 
you thank you for your support being so awesome  it would make sense if it is 
this because that would be agorio  that you can only see using dots but it disappear 
i don't get there yeah it seems like when i switch  through it i see it but i'm not sure if 
it's something else that's occurring oryeah i got my camera's working 
inside of here no that's weirdwell that's really weird isn't it there it is yesyeah yeah you see there we and 
everybody angie everybody was  saying yes definitely dots oh guys thank youokay so we did that that's good i think you got 
everything else and uh ouija board good pictures  yeah good job very good job and that we got 
to buy from sally too she's been picturized  and uh immortalized in the death hall 
thing we need a bunny or a bear oror she can mostly come in and say i'm 
ready there's a bunny thank you okay  shall i press the button roger that sorry 
for the double double i just realizedjessica all right let's see here drawdraw me like one of your kids thank you we got 25who put the stuff intripods i had enough of them i don't 
think i did yeah i pulled them all up  we just used them all inside the house okay 
there were a lot of cameras in that room  oh freaking tough to see all right for 
all those who really want to graft and  farm i tell you they're pushing this 
like it's freaking crack uh graftoncracked and foam cracked but also 
they throw in with a ridgeview  deadly roadhouse which has 
very little hiding spots tooyou know it's good actually type 
ridge view not just ridge view  it's weird 316 thank you so much for the hundred 
bits appreciate that jess too nice to see you  uh le was it silly let sally die then was it it's 
not so horrible you read out loud let's say diaton  has to the audacity to survive i'm what's 
wrong with you people no how is this for  a challenge sally calls with the shots no smudge 
for mitts ng can sacrifice himself holy crap dale  where's all hate coming from i'm making her 
like oh wow and then other times i get another  well sherry cornfield by the way it's an 
early birthday stream she said for her so  hers is on sunday so happy birthday 
happy birthday to you happy birthday  happy birthday nice to have birthdays 
i'm sorry that i'm singing to youthank you for thatit's no fun we too dudes happy birthday to you 
yeah ghostly we got this graphed and graphed  and grafted wow you guys are farmhouses people 
right i want us to craft they want us to graft  well it's close as heck or no roadhouse is close 
on youtube but twitch is pulling on with a couple  of votes more going towards grafton so if there's 
not more than that we're gonna close it in five  four four oh three there's a switch two one 
and we're gonna end it let's see where it ends  when i press end it usually switches 
up anyways by the time it gets therewowto 47 on there that'd be 49 yet it doesn't 
fall wow okay both are deadly though  just so you guys want us to be extra i'm 
happy to put the stuff in for this onethanks [ __ ]it's not funny i know i'm probably 
gonna die in this one finally  i i've only died once uh last two two things 
here so i've been doing pretty good lately  with a singing the ghost should 
target game edge my god casperthat's what my daughter would say should we should 
we just keep these streams to like the weekday  everyone should be dead there too is this trueoh uh the the power is in the attic in the attic 
it's not there's no attic there's a basement is it  basement yeah it says grafton it's a ridgeview 
roadhouse oh sorry i was thinking that's okay  for three months in a row thank you so much 
appreciate that appreciate that very very  much give a big hashtag out there thank you 
again for all the support showing that love  always appreciate big big hashtags check 
your uh euro million dollar tickets yesthis is the uh revenant house 
why'd you just say that out loud  just saying that just saying last time we said 
that we got it oh something just got knocked upwas it upstairsi don't know it sounds like read 
above me maybe in the back roomhave you done it already oh sorry you 
know it's knocking screw me up sorryit's near the back room near the uh to the 
right-wing walk-in i think that's where it islockers are open again no 
i'm coming from downstairsthere it is again something's droppedsomething's got thrown out something's 
got through i don't know oh right here  in a hallway just like i was saying noright here we walk into the rightokay there's nothing interesting 
in any of the other roomsi left my emf and the blue light in 
front of where i heard it okay okaywhen you walk in no i can't 
either okay when you walk in  also going left you go right and then you'll 
see there's a group look to your left oh so i  pointed it upstairs yeah i was uh cause because 
i was in a basement oh where were we supposed  to know that i said it was in the basement 
between power cell you understood obviouslyi put a candle upstairs holy [ __ ] in this little 
lobby where are you no no i do there we go see  do you guys heard it how old are youyou guys want to try it she's very talkative 
this one try it it's sexy are you friendlydo you like good musicokay he wants to kill me you ask at mean thingsthat is creepyoh i left the uh blue thing there 
for you uv if you want i am lookingi'll bring some double dots 
so we can have the area goodmeatloaf my god i want my 
favorite singers that's for surebad f helllet's make a uhoh wow this is insane this area nowit's like dotsalicious nice dots are usthe spirit box is just produced all the 
time now isn't it a whole lot more yeahokay so people will be panting all the time 
together they would be checking us for some  asbestos or something yeah you have issuessomething you want to check out right awaywow who put the bad camera angles downme that bad i'm just joking 
it's impossible that areawow oh it's bright i might have to move those 
candles i don't think it's a candles at alldo you think it's a candles ibut it's bright enough to see the bi go through 
it if we would see it right because it's still  nice and green in there yeah i think 
you have to have it on the white one  don't you just see it no i see my own 
colored one i see him go through the uh  in person too those dots will someone 
just move my dots why would they move itno i can't see anything can you put it back 
please on the wall why not what the hell what is  she doing that for okay it's like someone pissing 
the wrong territory it's like no i know that kid  why are you moving forwell our sanity is still amazing 78 as a team yeahumi'm watching you both in thereit's not angry at all this thing by the way no it 
doesn't seem like it is it i'm starting to flickwow it was quiet as hell why did 
it just do that for is it's a uh  no it can't be is it a myelin that's really quietif i put a motion sensor just down the hallway  next to the green dots would that be good the 
motions have gone off the board oh cool yeahit'sit was like someone was controlling itlike someone like myths oh it's like here 
living room uh-huh bones on a couch right here  oh excellent oh look at that it might be moving 
around yeah and uh i have a camera sorry cool  take your picky oh look there's the cuff on 
the floor right here yellow cup there it isi have to go to bathroom so i guess4.3 looking at the cup cupyeah the camera by the way started working 
and getting here that's kind of weirdsorry i was trying to see if it works 
sorry go back to your your angleoh looks like this has come back in here pretend 
we're working uh-huh yeah yeah that sounds good  someone smudged right over there i 
did did it i did hey i smudged in  that little area by the lamp you know 
the table now we gotta move everythinguh so do we only have spirit box 
at the moment yep yeah wow okayall right lonesome tonightare you herewhere are youhe is responding in the living room tooright okay so it means there's 
good possibility that oh well  it's already turning right over here one 
one cross thanks got any break in a bookvery nice it was on the table couldn't 
see it hey that's the one i puthurry i'm hurtingjust walked basically out of the bedroom  down the hall and into the living room according 
to their motion sensors really that fast oh goshspooky dookieit's been thrown a lot of stuff 
around could it be a poulter  it could be no dots that's for sure 
we'll have to worry about that no more  closed doors that we do taking a pictureuh sorry i did i'm sorry 
yeah i had a camera apologizegot it like overi should put another book there try 
get another one on there oh feet feetoh yeahnicei'm getting trained by celebrate i got three starswith a glow stick in it too at alllet's see if this goes to oh 
you have one in there alreadytouch me ghostyholy [ __ ] oh my gosh it did 
it oh my god look i just put  that is weird [ __ ] there thank you that 
was good there dude you did it perfectit's coming for you i know no madan thank you 
so much for following appreciate that very much  looks right there i'm taking tuning 
in check uh thingies on the windowsuh yeah we can actually do it 
sounds quite a pleasant ghostand it kills youokay i'm here all week see you laterwe need anything else meeps thank you much 
he did appear very very kindly to get a sodidn't he we could take pills and 
we could go and get a ghost photo  i'll protect with the smudge if you 
want i'll let professional ghost picture  tiggers a little stick by you meeps 
nice to see you thank you so much that  seems to fancy you i really appreciate 
you taking time dude i think you feelcould supported have a photo please oh ballsi got the right second lefthey aussiethank youghosty can we please have your photographghosty okay we gotta stick it out this 
time i'll stay here if you run it back  and i'll throw this if you want to take a 
picture why are you standing to the right view  uh why would you stay near the wall there 
and that way you can take a picture run and  i'll i'll throw this last second while 
i get away okay then we don't kill youokay coolumohoh my god um all right let's have 
a look i don't think mine workswow good job that's a good idea we were both 
right upstairs i think he was walking around  around us at one point yeah he was 
all right i have one more smudge he  was really close that i threw last 
one it freaked me out a bit yes yesshould we move please of those dots for 
you guys take better pictures to see him or  no he's blushing he's a flusher he likes to 
short his junkies can't do much with the flasher  junk shots yeah maybe thank you 
raytree i do it ghosty try yourselfokayhey look buddy don't take anything offense but you 
shoot your junk around but they don't like it okay  they don't appreciate your junk being sure because 
you just stay nice and stable just show up here  for a second and just show the good ladies you got 
your junk's not actually out so you know oh boyumhaving sexit keeps opening the door you did the same thing 
good job sleeping it's worse than the ghostoh my godyou guys oh uh what is it okay well 
i can't see the picture i think the  other floating photo oh there it is nice shotsvery very cool ready to gogood job lizgood job ladies and gents thank you so much 
everyone uh yes ladies i do have your own  channels the links are always passing by from the 
description if you want to show them some love  of course support them was appreciated 
should do one last one before the end  sure okay it's been a while i think we've been 
streaming right for you guys i just wonder  about you guys more anything else it takes 
a long time for you i'm completely delirious  for 5 30 in the morning so we 
can play as long as you likewe're up there we may as well let's 
throw in another one here let's let the  shoes this one or your poison 
ladies and gents is gonna be prison  or brownstein farmhouse you know what 
we've not had these willow street  that's always really really tough 
that one is who's putting the stuff inwe should actually go out and find willow 
street i think that's an awesome ideapoor side i'm just joking we have a choice 
go for it guys this is about entertainment  should you guys want willow i don't know 
but actually they're voting for prison  pretty good here in prison and uh that's a 
surprise mind your prisons good always six  votes so oh now it's flipping over to 
uh firehouse they're killing us oh god  quick try and just distract them again she's put 
the stuff in let's kill celibate at the farmhouse  drag at least another one here let's see how it 
goes because too quick we'll do one more after  that but if not then we'll stick with this one 
okay maybe we'll find a willow for the last one  how about that we'll do this one if it's not too 
long we'll get a willow willow is a deadly fast  and not maybe yeah it's always really tricky 
that one yeah we'll do it one last one david  no matter what we'll do well i promise you oh 
we'll have to log out log back we'll find itit will kills me more than anything else i think 
yeah it's deadly all right let's go some five  right there seventeen and a half 
thousand dollars i'm all right how much  seventeen and a half crepe is gonna be 29 000.i'm sorryoh oh please still frosting yep and these are 
brown stain every time we go that's very truewe haven't watched the game should die yet is this 
like a super disappointment that i'm doing okay  oh people want me dead all the timeand remember to check the white board for 
help so the power is under the stairs thisi've is very activeit's been a very very active little box it's 
fun when it happens because spooky thoughi like garcia garcia you guys see yeahis anyone here can you give me a big 
mac large furry coke to go pleasewell at least the power's easy under the 
stairs all right yeah i figured that one outall right there's an addict to this 
one too that's one thing that suckswhere are youhaven't we been here alreadyare theyi quite enjoy every moment we have with each otherwhere are youwhere are you are you here oh i heard a door openjust next to the toilet by the workshopwhere are youhow old are youare you hereare you aloneis this the wrong room again it's 
upstairs yeah are you annoyingso let's say we are in the right area which likelet's turn the power offthank you yeah it's stuck on thankare you herewhere are youno i'm turning off the power to 
talk this where are you all right  you want to try and see maybe this is my voice 
maybe karen's more and uh you know where are youjennifer garcia right peter van gogh 
thanks for subscribing appreciate it  360 thank you so much again thank 
you everybody for taking timecrazy timesplaying smart for watts yep keeping it 
nice and stay i said i was gonna change  it up and start dying no nothing at the momentwhere's it blowing out the candleit hasnice onesthere's no uh none in the bathroomwhat camera uh green dot we'll have 
to get a camera in there i think  i shall take one in in the bathroom 
yeah well do you think it's  because it's first place but you 
guys see more activity outside ornot really queen bee mirror thank you so muchearlier as welloh it's colder here 2.21 almost freezing 
temperatures getting close to it yep freezing  temperatures confirmed actually set this off 
that's so weird eh yeah it did that the other  day with that one um it was in the doorway uh but 
it didn't it took time to register it was weirdfreezing temperaturesi'm dead i'm deadvery very very very very very yeah 
definitely super freezing egyptiansum nothing on that window one on this doorall right so ghost riding ghost orbs or mf5to the workshop we're atdo whatever you need to do but 
there's a bathroom right theremuch betterit keeps turning the lights off 
do you think it could be a gin  at this point it could be possibly anybody 
jazz in the hand thanks so much for that  appreciate it we've got a smile jazz thank you 
so much for your support horseshoe underwear i  i have to give that one behind the door 
freaked me out a little bit i can't  believe she didn't walk in i figured if i 
didn't close the door she wouldn't go injennifer garcia jennifer garcia jennifer 
garcia that looks very spooky coming out  of that locker with that glue jennifer garcia 
through the window outside jeffrey garcia jesusjennifer garcia jennifer garcia jennifer chrisoh thank you travis ramsey really 
appreciate that big hashtag jazz thank  you so much trevor appreciate those cowards 
thank you for support thank you thank youwell now the choice is demon hen to her ginare you knocking a windowoh it's comingit's not nice i got feelingsi i kind of lured it towards 
the workshop i think by accidentno revenge at all on this onenot see anything inside here is 
there a camera in the bathroomokay wowokay i have a feeling it's i've tried cmf  i think so too and the um crucifix 
in the bathroom has been usedthe bear she's touching the bear it's 
laughing the little bear is laughing  oh the bears moved it it's 
appeared and moved over here  oh wow it from one side of room 
it disappeared to the other side  in the workshopand i never know what's going to spawn it 
could spawn in a work room or here yeah  yeah it's been quite random bro ringing a book ohwow i was not expecting i didn't see that but 
look tell me it's the demon it's a demon yeah yeah  all right i'll bring it to you i'm going 
back from outside to screw this i'm not dying  okay okay uh we've got everything we've 
actually got everything so we can do somewillow and i i can't believe i hid behind that 
door i left the door open when she hunted me i  went down the hallway realized she hunted me 
all the way to that door and i hid behind it  in the front officer and i didn't 
close the door this time i left  it open and she just walked right past 
the door over and over again i was likethat's why i was like i shot myself a little 
bit oh sorry here you want the picturewhat does it say silly bear 
what's the nice letter save yesit says help that's me and this little girl toothat's what makes it worse okay 
so we got everything it's a demon  wow didn't expect that yeah high 
five i think celebration got a  picture of a ghost though where is it oh 
we need to send our photographer back ini'm joking now we're ready we're going for 
willow 316 thank you so much appreciate it  oh let me double check sorry i'm not 
sure i've filled in i haven't oh godlet's roll this onewe steamrolled that one like 
boom done yeah good job ladiesno willow gotta drop the room okay welcome 
back there's some jobs ready for youwe're as well i've not seen little in a 
long time did he take it off or i don't knowoh wow yeah i was just sticking that i 
don't think we've seen a willow street in  welcome back there's some jobs ready for you wow 
it feels like feels like a long time doesn't it  i've gathered a list about the hunters i scream 
sometimes this guy i don't like any screamsyeah i can't seem to find us what the 
hell oh maybe maybe he's working on iti've gathered a list of other hunters asking for 
help maybe you think he just put up for eu people  who knows welcome back there's some jobs ready 
for you you guys thought he used to be over there  he's from that side part isn't he he's from port  well port southwest southampton portsmouth 
one of those two south coast of the uk  welcome back there's some jobs ready for 
you wow i'm just i'm refreshing about itokay willow street tell them eu there you go  okay so it's eu not us servers 
okay okay let's go back so  be careful you know taking left and 
right here it's completely differentdifferent different side of the the corridor we 
cross the street make sure you look the other way  habits and the way you exit the vehicle 
yes yep so willow street to photoshop  which we haven't done in a while yeah well 
it took a while thank you everybody being so  patient while you stick around actually 
people just shut up how are you doing  there's a crazy stream we got some 
seriously good things only one death or twono did she die twice me nope i don't 
think so it must have affected me so  much i thought you died twice oh yeah 
i thought she died twice didn't you  i don't know i think she died i died in 
an edge field yeah somewhere else thoughno i don't think it did all right here we 
go a locker in the basement of vegetables  yeah standing like perfectly  still in the middle of it it was awesome and 
i ran down there to find her i was like noi'm trying to get out of this place what 
the hell these things are so powerfulyep that's not happening we go through thethat would garage nice double double[ __ ] meat actually weirder things 
wasn't used up like those mittsno you're not i don't know what happened 
i think there's an echo in that gameyou got the notionoh thank you it's in the 
garage if anybody needs itis on go for it go for it go for it i'm coming ohi just have a little bit of 
issues with stamina okay i'm herewhat is your favorite roombasement what you sayingare they just walking in your picture 
i'm so sorry my butt's going therei walk backwards without thinkingwicked a wedgiewhere are youare you friendlywould you like us to leavehow old are youdid it answer itwhere are youhow old are youdo you want us to leavespeak to mewhy'd you talk to emma and not mewhere are you it's right here somewhere  it's right here walking she's right here oh 
wow oh i couldn't get my camera out fasterwhere are youold are youdid you hear that no what did it saymazel jordan insanity train where are youoh wow are you aloneare you angry do you want to hurt usthey want a killdo you want to hurt us kill okay 
that's sweet have a good dayi was about to sing do you really want to 
hurt me do you really want to make me cryand she said kill menever gonna give you up never 
gonna hunt you down and come around  and haunt you wish me luck guys we hope sully 
bear dies not us oh we're willing to sacrifice  or sandy is actually really [ __ ] actually 
mine is worse what the hell use a ouija boardthis is true what happened i had 
issues 6 61. i must have issuescrucifixion i'll bring a 
crucifix in a new book downi don'tin a damn book there's someone all over 
here too it's all over the walls he's  climbing up the ceiling i've taken quite a 
few i've run out of the camera the bulb is  super dingy in here by the way it looks 
like an explosive ball uh-huh sorrywhatuhare you okay yeah she spawned 
near the stairs okay i did wonderwonder wonder wonder wonder 
why she's trying to kill me nowthese lights are really nice though walk up there  a good way to get your kids hit out but 
they're nice yeah oh the ones by the path  i can see some of my friend kids and i'll just 
jump up and try to cop scotch with things and  hurt themselves really badly probably in the 
uk is you can get those quite easily uh but  they only stake into the ground that they're 
um solar powered they get naked all the timeand it's likeheyugha jokeoh my god you went back to check the 
ouija board again i would turn it offyeah i was pretty much turned 
around i'm out of thereumuhshe's really goodshe really likes life oh myif god apparently cj did all the voices if 
he did that and then changed it the pitch  so it sounded female that's a fantastic 
bit of audio work that was pretty goodsounds like a real child too 
yeah we have both dots on thereyeah crucifix hasn't worked either well there's 
a dot there but it's a light bulb isn't it yeahi wonder if one of them needs to be a bit 
close to the stage you know like the camera  i'm thinking anything even the dots might be i 
don't know maybe even dots i don't know yeah okaywe've only got spirit box have a way i think yeah 
we always end up taking loads of um cameras into  this house yeah i think this would be easier 
one right but this the corners and there's a  really hard yeah little tiny rooms i'm staring at 
the camera if you get the blink it hurts my eyeshere's that thing oh my god what's thatit's coming down the stairsso we have a poltergeist or a phantomwhich needs dots or ghost riding right okayso i'm probably going to go with ghost 
riding or dodson there's only two choicesi don't know where'd you see itit is a phantom it ran from the 
bookcase uh wow yeah just a split secondit appeared well done because i was staring 
at it for a while and i just didn't see it  sometimes it takes a while for them to run 
through but he ran from right to left right  in the middle of that uh between the case there 
right there the uh shelves are i wasn't actually  looking yeah i wasn't looking at this camera 
so well done at the other end of the corridoryou guys saw that right don't just be quite cool 
yeah besides that was a proper little waddle  little waddle here oh my god it's me i scared 
this [ __ ] out of your way through your headit's like a speedwayoh we did it all oh saw that yeah i saw it againit's very cool you guys should 
go take a picture of themno not really we're good okaythat was very cool very cool actually 
not quick but it was good enough  kind of impressed that i'm impressed pretty 
uh quick smart it was very nice we survivedall right we got uh yeah pretty cool nice 
little multiplier stuff we got some decent  stuff you have 40 minutes not bad not bad 
not bad at all we have uh 963 for mids 878  for a celebration they're moving up hopefully 
they hit a thousand before uh this all gets reset  again it'd be kind of cool jess thank you so much 
for that really appreciate 360 thank you support  trevor ramsey everybody out there jazz thank you 
for being here packing w meeps a whole bunch of  you it's all going through last year thank you 
all for taking time to support his channel and  all members out there thank you starlight thank 
you celtic plays appreciate smoking thank you for  that every day also in the comment fields always 
appreciate lost in reality just all you find  people out there and a wonderful mod thank you 
thank you thank you thank you thank you hey renee  and thank you to these wonderful ladies too they 
have a channel so you're going to go and see their  videos and stuff make sure you check it out the 
links will be in the description field of course  go and show some love and some support it's always 
very much appreciative um thank you they put all  the stuff to be here overnight too pretty much 
so it's pretty amazing they're always amazing  so show the ladies a lot of love thank you 
all for being here and yeah thank you lady  debbie thank you out there talking about ladies 
and gentlemen tell kira happy birthday again  happy birthday to kira one more time 
and also celeste happy birthday happy  birthday happy birthday catch you guys bye 
paul thank you for all your support to you  buddy thank you thunderstruck every member 
out there you guys are the best bye next bye  sherry i think it was sherry corville's birthday 
looks like celestia sherry corville's birthday  sherry sherry yes that's right happy birthday 
sherry early happy birthday sorry for that my  bad thank you and catch you guys on flip side 
good night what's going on good night good night


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