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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough | How to beat Karkinos (Drenchfort Boss Guide)

Death is out to clear his brother’s name and restore order to the realm by resurrecting humanity. To do this, he’ll have to smash his way through legions of boss battles, uncover a variety of secrets, and try his best to keep his skull mask from getting dirty. Vito Gesualdi helps you get it done in this video walkthrough!

Boss Guide: How to beat Karkinos (Drenchfort)

Karinkos is the boss of the drenchfort, and this momma critter is one tough cookie. Luckily, her attacks are pretty easy to figure out. Use lock on to keep Karkinos in your sights, and sidestep when she charges. That will leave her stunned after she rams into a wall, as well as dropping a baby Karkinos pod at the other end of the room. Run over to the pod and use RT to fire it like a cannonball at mama, knocking her over. Then, go and let loose with your most ridiculous attacks!

After taking some damage, Karkinos will burrow into the ground and start using a bramble attack. DO NOT LOCK ON, as this makes the attack very hard to dodge. Instead, keep running and jumping, constantly changing direction to escape the attack. Then return to your pod attacks, and continue until the boss is dead.

For your troubles you’ll receive a fat pile of loot, the Masher of Karkinos hammer weapon, and get access to the lever to clear the Drenchfort and restore the Tears. Good work!

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