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Dark Witch vs White Mage: Epic Fight. Cereza and Lumen Sage (Bayonetta 2)

After Balder is brought to the present and led to believe that Loki is the one he seeks for his revenge, he dons his titular mask and travels to Noatun to strike the boy down. He first appears in person before Loki as the boy is heading through a courtyard to get to Fimbulventr. Though Loki tries to use his cards to ward his attacker off, a single thrown feather from the Masked Lumen puts an end to it and the two engage in battle. Despite the boy’s agility in avoiding most of his attacks, the Masked Lumen gains the upper hand and is about to strike him down until Bayonetta intervenes with a hail of bullets. Though they’re easily dodged with his abilities, Bayonetta mistakes the Sage for one of Loki’s ‘assistants’ to which the boy replies he has never seen his assailant before.

Bayonetta engages in combat with the Masked Lumen and seems to gain the upper hand with a dodge and a barrage of bullets heading towards her foe. However, the Sage enters Light Speed and easily tosses aside the bullets from his palm. As he throws Bayonetta away, she realises to her shock that he is a Lumen Sage. The pair continue their battle and eventually resort to summoning greater and greater beasts to fight in an epic duel which takes to the skies. In a final clash, Bayonetta and the Masked Lumen meet in midair and cause a huge explosion, leaving the end of the battle ambiguous as to who won…

Bayonetta 2 (2014) Wii U Game. #CJakeBayonetta #LumenSage #LokiSovereign #UmbraWitch #Bayonetta2 #Bayonetta. ► Watch more Bayonetta videos:

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