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Dark Riddle Gameplay New Update With New Interior Models

hello friends
this is gameplay of Dark Riddle Game in android.
hope you enjoy the video.

About Game: Dark Riddle

First-person adventure thriller with interesting puzzles

This is a first-person adventure thriller with an interactive environment and interesting quests. Solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of a suspicious neighbor who lives across from you.

Your adventure begins in an unusual city where you can find many useful and unique items. You will meet a police officer and a seller of alien devices, and during the game you will get acquainted with unusual creatures. Each item and character creates a huge fascinating story.

You need to get into the neighbor’s house. You will find many traps, obstacles, locks and closed doors. If you are careful , you will outsmart all opponents, get to the mysterious basement and find a lot of interesting things.

This is a free game, but some items and abilities can also be bought for real money. It can make it easier for you to complete and add new experiences.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the game, please contact support.

Game: Dark Riddle

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