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D3: The Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Guide | Patch 2 4

D3: The Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Guide | Patch 2 4

This video is a guide on how to locate and successfully complete The Shadow’s Mantle Dungeon in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Patch 2.4 Season 5. In this video the step-by-step commentary is strictly tied to the live action being shown and provides instructional and educational value.

Demon Hunter Shadow’s Mantle Dungeon

Character: Demon Hunter

Location: Go to Act 5 and take the Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 waypoint. Make your way through level 2 and find the entrance to level 3. The dungeon portal will be there as soon as you enter Pandemonium Fortress Level 3.

Primary Objectives:
1) Chain Consecutive bonus damage Impale hits on 20 different enemies 5 times.
2) Slow 45 different enemies with your Shadow Power.

Time Limit: 4:30

Guide: The build shown in this video is optimized for this dungeon and this dungeon only. Do not expect it to be successful in high level rifts. The only two essential skills here are Impale and Shadow Power. For Impale make sure you choose a rune that does not hit multiple targets. There are a limited number of enemies and you want to focus on hitting each one individually. For Shadow Power it does not matter which rune you choose since you have access to all of them due to the 4-piece set bonus on The Shadow’s Mantle. Strategically I decided to put Impale as my left click skill. Since Impale accuracy is key to this dungeon, putting it as my left click ensured I would not miss my target (watch out for those phasebeasts though). You also have to activate Shadow Power when you approach a group of enemies in order to complete the second objective. I used Preparation and Bat Companion for hatred replenishment. There really isn’t any essential pieces of gear besides the actual Shadow’s Mantle set. Resource cost reduction and cooldown reduction can help.

UPDATE: The best way to keep the chain from resetting is –
1)Put Impale as your Left Click so you don’t miss.
2)Make sure you have a melee weapon equipped.
3)Use Envious Blade’s affix (either as your equipped weapon or in the cube).
4)Use the Ambush passive skill.

It may take a couple attempts but this dungeon is one of the easier ones. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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