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Cyber diver (Taito Type X2) – Arcade Pc

This game is intended as both an upgrade kit for Half-Life 2: Survivor games (which in case you did not know, was Taito’s most recent entry into the arcade FPS genre) as well as a stand-alone unit that looks to offer 5-on-5 combat. The game will use Taito’s new arcade hardware called Genesys.
TTX: (pass: Trymado)
Game Loader All RH :
Cyber Diver SV Patch :
Arcade Pc
American Laser Games – 6 Gun Games :
Arcana Heart 3 :
Block King Ball Shooter :
Cyber diver (Taito Type X2) :
Daemon Bride :
Deathsmiles II :
Elevator Action Death Parade :
Friction Arcade :
Gaia Attack 4 :
Gundam – Spirits Of Zeon :
Half Life 2 Survivor :
Haunted House/Panic Museum :
Haunted Museum II :
HyperSpin Attraction PC :
Lost Land Adventure:
Left4Dead Survivors:
MAZAN – Flash Of The Blade :
Prime 2D Demo :
Road Fighters 3D :
Sega World Driver Championship :
Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz :
Target Terror Gold Arcade :
The King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver :
The Maze of the Kings :
Time Crisis 5:
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 – Playable with JConfig :

My PC Specs
Ryzen 5 5600X
Gigabyte B550M Pro-P
RTX 3070
DDR4 3600 32 GB (2X16)
Windows 11 (DEV)

Video transcription:


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