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Cover Fire : Free Shooting Games Next Episod#4 New Update GamePlay

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 Cover Fire is a shooter game that will get you through the tough missions!

“Cover Fire” picture is still very real production, the background picture is very delicate. You need to fight in a dilapidated city, “Cover Fire” the best point is true. Other types of games, railings may not be able to go through. Not in this game. You can easily hit the enemy under the railing.

The core of “Cover Fire” is the main gameplay. In the process of getting through the customs, we are not indiscriminate resistance. Instead, we fight against the enemy through various bunkers. We do not think that we are absolutely safe behind hiding the enemy. You are the one who fights higher than you. Of course, sometimes there is no need to fight close to the opposite and pick up a deadly sniper rifle, long-range attack on the enemy!

Cover Fire is still quite refreshing. Because of the use of bunker combat mode, so the basic operation is much simpler. Can fight in a fixed place battle. Remember to pay attention to their bullets! The operability of the game is reflected in the choice of goals, and some target lethality, need to be solved the first time, and some weaker can temporarily ignore. Of course not being hit is the best!

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