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Couples Play Fear Pong (Compilation) | Fear Pong | Cut

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About Fear Pong:
Grab life by the ball in a classic game of beer pong laced with humiliating dares.

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Couples Play Fear Pong (Compilation) | Fear Pong | Cut


Video transcription:

(ball making the cup)- Oh! Haha!- "Send everyone in your contacts list"an accidental sext."(laughing)- I'm so glad we didn't get that one.("Ode to Joy" by Beethoven)- No, we have not.
– Never.- Yes.
– Yes.- With our professional table at home.- Ooh.- Yeah.- I'm kind of scared of dad over here.(laughing)- Yes.- He can like reach across
the table, you know.(fists slapping)- Both?- One game, straight up.- No, that's good, alright.- Yeah, you guys got it.- Alright, first.(ball making the cup)- What.
(gasps)(ball making cup)- Oh, whatever.
– Nice.(ball making cup)(grunts)(ball making cup)- Oh!
– Oh, come on.- You're such a liar. "I never
played this game before."- Alright, "Talk dirty to
each other for one minute."It must be really dirty."- Alright, let's do this fucker.- "Make out with your
partner for one minute."But, one of you isn't allowed
to move your lips or tongue."- Boom, let's do it.
(laughing)- "Let the other team
throw a pie in your face."No, not me.- Come on!- That sounds like an easy one though.- Okay, "Call your
significant other's parents"and tell them you're pregnant, adopting,"or getting married."Oh, that's a good idea.- You're gonna hold your lips steady— I'll do the dead face, you do the— I know, but I have lipstick on.So, you wouldn't you think–either way, it's getting on your face.(claps)- I got some good news.- We're pregnant.- Oh, hang on, hang on one second Tess.I got another call.- You got her (indistinct)
– Perfect!- She's gonna freak out.- You can talk dirty to me, baby.- Alright, you're gonna
fuck me really hardin the ass, yeah, bend me over a table.(laughing)
– That's not— Don't burp in my mouth.(laughing)(burp)It's been a minute, it's been a minute.Are you kidding me?
– Oh, my God.- Let me put it in your pussy.(laughing)- I assume your giant cock— No, no it's in your ass.(laughing)(clapping)- Okay, bring it on.No!(ball missing cup)- Oh!(ball missing cup and bouncing)- Oh, come on.(ball missing cup)- Marquees!
– I'm trying!- But you play basketball.- That was when I was in elementary.(ball spinning and making the cup)(shouting)- What!- Could I get a re-shoot?(ball making the cup)- Hey!
– Okay, now.- "Dump ice into your underpants."Both of you have to do it."(screams)- Open it more, open it more!(screams)(screams and laughs)- That's good. Oh!- "Let the other team
draw whatever they want"on your face in permanent marker."Now, that's fucked up.
(laughing)- Come on.- 30 seconds.
– In permanent marker?- It'll come off.- No it wo– it's permanent.That's the whole point.- No.- Am I Harry Potter?(laughing)
– I'm messing you up,I'm messing you up.- It's coming off for my
kid's birthday tomorrow?- I hope so.(laughing)- It's a dick, isn't it?(laughing)- Bend yo knees!Arch.(ball making cup)- You gotta give a little arch to it.- Beer pong lessons 101,given to you by wanna-be Vin Diesel.(laughing)- "Get legally married/divorced."- "Get legally married and divorced"?- No. No!- Is anyone an ordained?- Yes!(laughing)
– You got ordained?This was not the way I imagined
this was going to happen,but it is the cheapest
way it could happen.I love you very much
until we get divorced.- Let's go penis faces!- Ah, whatever!- Wait.
– Uh!- Not today.
– Uh!- Maybe tomorrow.
– Uh!- "Take off an article of clothingfor every sexual partner you've had."(laughing)I think we'll probably drink that.- Oh look, our underwear matches.- Oh!- Watch! You're gonna lose the mic!(ball making cup)- Oh!(laughing)- "Swap outfits with your partner."- Yes!(claps)- So we'll do the tops first,and then we'll do the bottoms.- Nah, I'm gonna go with no on this one.- Is he ready?- You guys ain't making nothing else.(laughing)(mumbling noises)- Oh!(laughing)(blows nostrils)- Ah!- Fucking air ball on the last one!- What's the chance of
them hittin' one cup?- You watch, you say that.(ball making cup)- Oh!
– Oh!- "Shave your partner's heads."- Nah, fuck it, you won.(cheering)- Oh!- Do I cry now?- Penis.
– Dick.- Yeah!
– No!- Ay!- They freakin' won.- Drink the cup, babe.- I'm not drinking.- I just touched your nipple.- This was a miracle.- We used our basketball training,shot underhand a few times.- I feel really good even though
I have a penis on my face.- I'm glad you cheated.- Good game.- Way to cheat.(cheering)- Winners, winners, chicken dinners!- Thanks for watching fear pong.To watch more of our
videos, click right here.To subscribe, click right here.And to buy the game, click right here.And let us know in the commentsif you liked the game and
what we should ask next time.(ball missing cup)(laughing)


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