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Controlling The Most Powerful Roman Legionary Army Ever in Shieldwall

-Welcome to Shieldwall! Shieldwall is a game from the Formata developers that allows you to control a totally accurate battle of roman soldiers! Watch more Shieldwall:

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Shieldwall game overview:

Caesar needs you! Gaul won’t be conquered by itself. Stand under the Eagle and lead the legion for the glory of Rome!

Shieldwall is a funny third-person tactical battle simulator with strategy elements. It allows you to feel like a squad leader right on the battlefield.

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Shieldwall gameplay features:

-Control troops formation while playing as a single character
-Enjoy extremely dynamic and fun-filled battles
-Siege an enemy and defend your own castle in one match
-Create your own strategy in a game of 2-4 teams
-Feel the real Rome while passing the campaign based on real Caesar’s battles

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Download Shieldwall:

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A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received a free download, merchandise, or any travel arrangements is supported by the developers.

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A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received financial incentives to produce a video need to be disclosed. I will (and have been) disclosing these as sponsored.

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