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Contra: The Alien Wars (GB) – Stage 3: Neo Kobe Steel Factory

At the start, you’ll see some sniper gunners and rolling capsule cannons. You may want to use the rails attached to steel pillars for safety. After a swarm of big dragonflies, you’ll battle against a drilling mill bot. Hang onto one of the arms and aim for the red core below. Defeat the robot and missiles will appear from below as the scene will begin to side-scroll. Latch onto a wall and you’ll encounter a spiked spring walker. The walker will shoot missiles, so shoot down what you can to stay alive. Once the trip goes far enough, spikes will appear from below and above. The walker will have a drill and a red core, so fire away. After you defeat the walker, climb to the top, and you’ll battle against a spotlight saucer. The saucer will drop grenades and summon winged gargoyles. When the red core appears, shoot at it until the saucer is gone. Up ahead are some more sniper gunners and medium missiles. Shoot the door to open it and ascend with the rails. Be sure to watch for round cannons and winged gargoyles along the way. Once you go far, you’ll battle against an alien sentinel. The alien sentinel will shoot fire that rotates around the room, so cling onto the walls when necessary. If it releases bombs, get out of reach from them before their timers reach zero. After defeating this boss, you’ll complete the stage.

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