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Cobra Command Game Sample – Sega CD

Original Air Date: July 02nd, 2009

Cobra Command is a fairly fun and very simple FMV-style game based off of the old arcade laserdisc game of the same name made back in 1984, which would partially explain its simplicity. It was directed by Kunio-kun and Double Dragon creator Yoshihisa Kishimoto before he joined Technos Japan. It gets pretty low scores, but it’s not all bad, and I honestly hate most games like this. The only thing I really don’t like is the presentation, which can look admittedly very ugly in spots. That, and some of the enemies can kill you so fast that you’ll shoot them almost the second they appear and still end up dieing!

Cobra Command dishes out the standard directional command inputs found in standard FMV titles but offers an accomodating twist; The ability to actually fight off enemies and destroy obstacles. The emphasis between dodging and shooting is surprisingly leveled, giving you enough time to reasonably respond to both enemies and obstacles most of the time. Otherwise, this is a no-frills FMV game. The levels are always the same every time and there is no reversed levels or random start part like in games such as Time Gal, which is where part of the criticism for this game comes from. Keep in mind however that this is a very old Sega CD game. The arcade game is better, but I acknowledge that at least some effort was put into this game. Enjoy.

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