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CLONE ARMIES UPDATE 2021 – Walkthrough Gameplay Part 85 – COLONEL 2 (iOS Android)

CLONE ARMIES UPDATE 2021 – Walkthrough Gameplay Part 85 – COLONEL 2 (iOS Android)

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Jeep deployable to base
Challenges improved
Clone your soldiers and deploy them to battlefield, one by one, before building a whole army

How is Clone Armies different? Because death of your troops is merely the beginning. When you spawn again as a new soldier, the previous troop will spawn as well and it will copy your actions from the previous round – you build your army step by step. Soldier by soldier.

Clone Fight Die Repeat

– Clone Armies is army game which combines careful tactical planning and strategy with pure shooting action.

– Customize your base and arm it with different types of military equipment. Do you prefer sniper or commando for stealth approach, storm the enemy in rambo style or decide to apply more modern warfare troops, such as guided missiles or cyborg? It’s up to you, the cartoon battlefield is yours.

– Build and upgrade your army of cartoon soldiers to conquer the enemy base and complete scenario campaign – then jump to the 1v1 multiplayer or upcoming solo/co-op weekly challenges. Collect rewards for your singleplayer and multiplayer victories and unlock even stronger units and base layouts to play with.

– Design your army of clone troops with many almost 30 different military troops, ranging from minigun wielding soldier to jetpack, tank, jeep, helicopter, rocket launcher and much more.

– Use your skills to climb the leaderboard in 1v1 multiplayer mode
or upcoming solo/co-op challenges to earn valuable rewards.


– Original gameplay mechanics of cloning, combining strategy and action in unprecedented way.

– Duel in multiplayer matches and climb the leaderboard to claim prizes.

– Chest lootbox capsules to unlock rewards, collect powerful new clones and equipment and upgrade existing ones.

– Easy and simple controls.

– Various units (sniper, tank, jetpack, helicopter, cyborg…) and military equipment with different stats and abilities.

– Scenario campaign with multiple missions incerasing in difficulty, from casual ones to the most challenging.

– Challenging bossfights.

– Multiple game modes + special Sandbox mode to create unlimited clones in a never-ending map.

– Customizable base to defend.

– Regular updates.

This is not your everyday army game with soldiers mindlessly shooting at each other. Try it for yourself

Clone Fight Die Repeat


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