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Clone Armies Challenges Invasion 3 Clones Tips And Tricks

Took a while to solve. This trick needs a lot of timing for it to work.

Here is how you do it:

First you need a gunner and try to survive the first 2 waves of incoming clones, you can use the repeat attack sequence of private, commando and cadet as a sign of a new wave. Before dying, try to get atleast 1140 blue coins until you kill the third rookie that comes with the gunner and butcher. Next, grab a jetpack and rush the machine, you will die anyways. Try to trigger the launcher to fire so you can clear a opening for you to rush with your second jetpack. Make sure to kill the launcher on the spot once you are close enough. If you are too slow, you get killed by the launcher reloading and firing it’s missiles at you. If you are too fast, the missiles might target you together with your previous jetpack. Once the cloning machine is destroyed, quickly get back to your cloning machine, you should have enough damage to one shot the gunner and butcher you left alive. There is a method that uses 2 clones as similar with this as it was manageable by Champion, but right now try using this as a start. It should be possible to do 2 clones as well by baiting and getting out of range of the missiles with the jetpack, then rushing in again and destroying the launcher and the machine.

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Video transcription:


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