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Classic Game Room HD – SMASH TV for Xbox 360 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews SMASH TV for Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360. This SMASH TV review features HD gameplay from Smash TV, the iconic arcade hit from Williams featuring a demented Running Man style tv where you must survive by destroying waves of enemies, robots, tanks and goons! One of the creators of Smash TV is Eugene Jarvis, hero of CGRHD for his creation of Robotron 2084 and Defender. Using Robotron-style dual joystick controls you move with the left analog thumbstick on the 360 controller and fire with the right. Gameplay is frantic and out of control with more enemies than you can possibly destroy with your pea shooter gun. Weapon power ups, shields and extra lives are a must in this quarter munching arcade machine which was released in 1990. This XBLA version of Smash TV looks just like the arcade machine. Players can play a co-op game with a friend over Xbox Live Arcade and machine gun enemies together. You have unlimited continues when playing the XBLA Xbox 360 version of Smash TV. This is a must have, very affordable and really fun. Smash TV is TOTAL CARNAGE!!!!!!!!! Classic Game Room HD reviews XBLA video games as an XBLA reviewer reviewing games like Smash TV for Xbox Live Arcade. Although a sequel to Smash TV was talked about sadly it never came to be made.

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