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Zeus presents Chase HQ (un-emulated) for the Amiga A500. A horrible driving game from the golden era of amiga gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and all programmers that were involved in making this game.

Year of release: 1989

I hate this game for one main reason,…the corners, there is just no traction control at all.
This game always has drove me nuts with frustration, you spend ages tring to catch up with the car at the end only to find a sharp corner where you cannot steer the car around it without either crashing or slowing right down to an almost stop position, you just cannot conrol the car around corners and by then the boss is a mile ahead of you again, it took me 3mins to eventually deal with the end of level 3, take a look and you’ll see my issue with this game.
I used the trainer so i could upload the entire game for your viewing pleasure and reduced the number of hits needed for the level 5 boss as i got so fed up trying to catch him while crashing at corners.

Hope all you Amiga fans enjoy this upload.

Please note: NONE of my game uploads are emulated in any way whatsoever, they are 100% original recordings by myself taken directly from the original hardware the game was intended for, that way you know you’re watching the real thing.
I will also always state weather i am using any cheats in the game, if not mentioned then i am not using any.
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Keeping the memory of the Amiga and it’s cool games alive!!!

Video transcription:


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