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Chad… JUSTIN Has a SECRET! Got Caught Sneaking and Spying on Spy Ninjas Best Friend for 24 Hours

SPYING on JUSTIN for a Day

After Chad Wild Clay made “JUSTIN is BACK! Best Friend Trains with Spy Ninjas on How to be a YouTuber”, Vy Qwaint created “My DOG SAVED the Spy Ninjas Friends from Funny Pranks That Went Too Far”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “JUSTIN is HERE… but BURIED UNDERGROUND!”, and Melvin PZ9 filmed “I DESTROYED the FORCE FIELD that TRAPPED Me and Found a Secret Base in Roblox”, Chad and Vy joined the Cloaker on a mission while Chad and Vy followed Justin to make sure he’s safe! Justin, chad’s best friend, is in Vegas and has a mysterious job interview. He’s unsure who it is and needs to get some good clothing for it. Daniel and Melvin follow him through Goodwill without letting him notice, trying to gather any information they can! Quickly, things get out of control when Melvin and Daniel see a hacker is following Justin! Melvin deals with the hacker while Daniel deals with Justin, and makes sure Justin doesn’t see the hacker following him! Once they arrive at the interview, Daniel and Melvin realize things run way deeper than they thought. Who has Justin been in contact with? Is Justin SUS?? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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