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CGR Undertow – BATTLE BULL review for Game Boy

Battle Bull review.
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Battle Bull review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Battle Bull for the Game Boy developed by Jorudan and published by SETA Corporation.

Remember the Adventures of Lolo? Well, imagine if Lolo had a tank. That’s basically Battle Bull. From the makers of Yogi Bear: Great Balloon Burst and lots of weird hamster games, you might not expect much from this Game Boy action-puzzler, but that would be a mistake. Battle Bull is a fun and addictive puzzle game in which you have a simple objective—smash the tanks! Over the course of the game’s 48 levels, you must shove blocks into other tanks to crush them. Of course, the other tanks are trying to do the same to you, and to gain an advantage, you must upgrade your tank. Players earn cash that can be used between levels to buy new parts for their Battle Bull, such as faster engines and even weapons. It’s a surprisingly cool upgrade system for such an early Game Boy release, but Battle Bull is nothing if not surprising.

This is a single-player puzzle game. This video review features video gameplay footage of Battle Bull for the Game Boy and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

Video transcription:

Nondescript title, developer I've never heard
of, publisher I've never heard of…I mean,I'll be honest, I had no idea what to expect
from this game. And when you don't know whatto expect, you're ready for anything. And
I thought I was, but…I wasn't ready forBattle Bull. Because the last thing I expected
from this…is one of the Game Boy's coolestpuzzle games.And yet…that's what it is.Seriously. Battle Bull is awesome.So this thing was released exclusively to
the Game Boy, back in 1991. And it was doneby a Japanese developer called Jorudan, which
you may or may not know from games like HamsterClub, for the Game Boy Color, and…Kickboxing,
for the PlayStation. Top shelf stuff. Andit was published by the SETA Corporation…which
you may know as the company that brought theWizard of Oz to the Super NES. Click your
heels all you want. That game sucks.And with that information, I would've expected
the worst.This is, like…the exact opposite, of the
worst.So Battle Bull is a game about tanks. Well,
tanks and blocks. You drive the Battle Bull,which is a tank, and you have to destroy the
other tanks…with blocks. Each level is thiscrazy, elaborate arrangement of blocks, and
you have to push those blocks to crush theother tanks. Crush the necessary amount of
tanks, move on to the next level. That's thebasic idea.So it's like Bomberman, but…in a tank.And without bombs.Alright, so it's not that much like Bomberman.Of course, it's easier said than done. Not
only are the other tanks trying to do thesame thing to you…but there are actually
different kinds of tanks, with different abilities.Some tanks are faster than you, some can shoot
missiles…then there are tanks that are,like…insects, almost. So in most cases,
you're pretty overpowered. Having a good strategyis obviously the key.Speaking of being overpowered…the Battle
Bull is kind of a piece of sh*t at first.I mean, it's painfully slow. But fortunately,
the game gives you some upgrade points rightaway, so you can install the first engine
upgrade before the game even starts. That'sanother cool thing about this game. The upgrade
system. You can earn money that you can thenuse to upgrade your tank, between levels.
Of course, the catch is…you have to choosepretty carefully.And not only that, it's kind of dangerous
to save up.Because if you die, and have to continue?
You lose all your cash.In terms of the presentation, it's very much
what you'd expect from the Game Boy. The gamelooks…okay. Same goes for the sound and
music. Fortunately, it plays a lot better,but…if I have a complaint, it's that the
controls can seem a little touchy at times.Like, it can be hard to line up blocks sometimes.
And you have to be lined up just right, too.Or you can't push them.Although…to be fair, that could actually
be the controller. I played this on a GameCube,with the Game Boy player. And that tiny little
GameCube d-pad doesn't do a game like thisany favors.But otherwise? This thing is a lot of fun
to play. And really addictive. I mean, youjust want to keep playing, and trying to save
up for those better upgrades…because theupgrades are so noticeable, and they really
improve your tank. So…it's great gameplay,plus things like an awesome upgrade system,
that make the game even more addictive.I just had so much fun with this game. And
every time I died, it was, like…I knew Imade a mistake, and so I kept telling myself,
"Alright, one more game. I can do this." It'sone of those games…where it kills you, but
it empowers you, as opposed to frustratingyou. It never feels cheap. It just feels genuinely
challenging, and fair. And crazy addictive.Seriously, don't let the names behind this
thing fool you.Battle Bull is an awesome action-puzzle game,
and I dare say…a hidden Game Boy gem.Huge thanks to our friend Samuel from Fort
Worth, Texas…for sending this bad boy in.And…killing my productivity. Alright, one
more game.


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