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CatRatGo! & FARMWOOD Tutorial level 2-5 Gameplay Android

CatRatGo! & FARMWOOD Tutorial level 2-5 Gameplay Android
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With two, all-time great characters, this adventurous, auto-runner arcade game has you running, jumping, and diving for gold coins, precious rubies, and bricks to build your resting place. Avoid birds, dogs, and stinging creatures as you race through levels of thrilling expeditions. From villages and cities to forests and deserts, every expedition level has its challenges with run bonuses on offer. Add boosters won in exciting mini-games or discovered on your levels of expedition to give your cat super powers. Master the leaderboard when you collect coins, complete expedition levels, change your outfit, and build a resting station for two roving-fun characters.

️ Fun and fast runner game, FREE to download; 🆓
️ Appropriate for kids, teenagers, and adults;
️ Occupies a little over 100MB storage space, suitable for tablet and smartphones;
️ An adventurous action arcade game that can be played online or offline (No WiFi needed);
️ Facebook integration to connect and compete with friends on the leaderboard;
️ A well-designed tutorial to learn how to play.

Game features:
A multitude of expedition levels to surf with two feisty cartoon characters;
Pursue these levels to an upbeat sound track by collecting coins, rubies, and bricks to create a glorious resting station for your cat and rat;
Upgrade the abilities of your cat and rat using gold coins collected on your runs;
Develop your cat’s resting station by using rubies and bricks collected from your runs or purchased for real money;
Master the leaderboard through completing levels of expedition, upgrading your cat’s powers, and building the resting station.

How to master the leaderboard:
⭐️ Collect as many coins and terrific tokens on your runs to complete each level of expedition to develop your resting station;
⭐️ Discover gripping run bonuses: Shield, to prevent energy loss when your cat strikes an obstacle; Magnet, to attract coins toward your cat; and Jetpack to sky-rocket through space and snatch streams of more coins, boosters, and bonuses;
⭐️ Snap up powerful boosters: Alarm Clock and Energy Drink to energize your cat; Helmet for cat and rat protection; Double Booster to double treasures your cat finds on the run; Triple Jump for cat jumping power; and Double Score to double your game score on the leaderboard;
⭐️ Discover Keys to unlock chests with Holly-wood fashion/outfits to give your cat an extra running boost;
⭐️ Upgrade your cat and rat’s skills with coins and rubies found on your runs, to better achieve your expedition levels. For boosters and more rubies and coins, play the thrilling mini-games;
⭐️ Use in- and out-game currencies to purchase more boosters, exciting mini-game tickets and iconic Hollywood looks for your cat;
⭐️ Top players collect loads of coins to complete their levels of expedition and develop their resting station for their cat.

Two-Button game controls:
️ Jump = swipe up
️ Double jump = swipe up twice
️ Dive = swipe down

Expeditions to complete:
️ Wonderville;
️ Farmwood;
️ Venice;
️ Persia;
️ Japan;
️ Megapolis.

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