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Catan #14: Cities & Knights – The First Island (3 players)

Me (1120) vs 1061 & 1020

Game Tips & Notes:
– Remember you can use knights to break longest roads.
– Make sure to remember that you knights can do 3 things: chase away the robber, displace other knights, move along the road. The right use can be a game changer!

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►Trading House (yellow): You may trade commodities (of the same type) 2:1 for any commodity or resource. You may make this trade only during your turn, as if you were using a habor. This special trade advantage does not include resources, only the three commodities.

►Fortress (blue): You may promote strong knights to mighty knights after you have built the fortress. You must still pay to promote the knights normally.

►Aqueduct (green): If, when the dice are rolled for production, you do not receive any resources or commodities, you may take any one resource of your choice from the bank. You may not, however, use this ability when a “7” is rolled.

Video transcription:


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