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CAN WE GET A TOUR?!? – Gmod Tower w/Nova, Immortal & Kevin Ep.1

Leave some loves for tower fun!

Gmod Tower is basically a hub that has access to games like Chimera Hunt, Virus and even PVP Battles. We basically dick around through the entire tower, from getting apartments to battling for in game currency. We also break from Tower activities to check out the gamemodes as well.


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At its core:
Gmod Tower is a project comprised of many different unique gamemodes hoping to build a diverse community.

Essentially, the server (or tower) acts as a base for all the gamemodes it contains. You are not limited to one type of gameplay. The community forms what makes the tower interesting and the community controls how it’s ran.

In the tower, you will have access to personal suites, stores, a whole batch of unique gamemodes, and much more.

There are plenty of well-thoughtout features/systems for your convenience. Trading, grouping, gamemode queuing, awards (similar to achievements), and hand-picked administrators, just to name a few.

Video transcription:


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