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Building a mini RETRO GAMING ARCADE with a twist

The past couple of months have been tough in Sydney thanks to the current COVID madness.
To get through the madness, I spent a day building a RetroPie Gaming Arcade on a Raspberry Pi 4B console to give my son a taste of old school games we played when we were kids. Retro video games like Pac Man, Mario, Space Invaders can all be played on these emulators!

The RetroPie is built on a Raspberry Pi 4 running RetroPie with some emulators and ROMs.

The more exciting part is building revealing the console to my son after we built it with only a keyboard for controls!

Join us in the build!

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0:00 Intro
2:30 Intro to Raspberry Pi
4:30 Setup RetroPie
8:20 Oopsie
9:10 Attempt #2
11:30 Pac-man
12:30 Surprise Arcade
14:25 Wrap-up

Video transcription:


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